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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ajp_18</b></div><div>Well fellow CBJ fans, it is once again that time where Columbus sells their players, or at least is rumored to, and the ACGM page will have tons of CBJ trades sending out their best players. This year it looks like the rumored names are Roslovic, Domi, Laine and Korpisalo with everyone thinking Gavrikov could also be available.

Some ACGM teams might also just be sending players to Columbus to get them off their team or using Columbus to eat 25% of a players cap hit, or just to send them cap dumps.

Question- who do you think is most likely traded? What is our main position of need? Who, if anyone, do you think has requested a trade?

Bonus question - what do you think of Larson as a coach so far this season?</div></div>

I think Korpisalo is most likely to get dealt, followed by Domi, and then Roslovic. I would not mind seeing Laine dealt for a appropriate return (although honestly I'm not even sure what he'd fetch at the TDL). I would be floored if Gavrikov was dealt, especially with as porous and weak as the blueline has been for us this year, It feels like he's one of the few that can consistently defend well. I could see guys like Bemstrom having possibly requested a trade. Depending on where Liam Foudy stands next year in the lineup I could see him making that list if he's not a lineup regular next season.

I'd say our greatest positions of need are first at center, and then right shot defensemen. I'd prefer these were addressed via our first two picks in the draft this year instead of via trade though. I feel as though 2022 is going to be the draft class we look back on in 10-15 years as blue jackets fans and can say this is where we either will make the leap to becoming a contender within 5 years, or where we fall short of expectations and regret who we took in the draft. It's rare to get two picks that seem like locks to be top 10 in a draft class that is showing good promise. If we can pick a guy who turns into a top line centerman and a top 4 right shot d man with those two picks I feel like we'll be in a really good spot as a franchise.

Personally I think Larsen has done a good job. I expected this team to have its struggles with holding leads and playing solid defense due to how young and inexperienced the squad is, but I think he's done a good job in bringing a teacher like approach to a younger lineup. I loved Torts but for the direction the team is at right now he was not the right man to lead the franchise. I'd give Larsen a solid B.

As a sidenote, and this may be a warm to hot take, but I think prior to next season the Blue Jackets need to part ways with Patrik Laine. Any contract extension is going to take a significant cap hit and given the way that Laine plays and is rather inconsistent, it is not worth making him part of the group to build around long term. Especially with Kirill Marchenko and Kent Johnson entering the fold next season, I would rather trade Laine and get a return that we can work with to improve the roster in other places than saddle ourselves with a 8 to 9 million dollar cap hit that plays like a 10 million dollar man one night, and then a 2 million dollar one for 3 games. The depth at wing in the organization is as strong as it has ever been, and if the team can improve at other positions we'll be primed for a solid run of success.
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