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<strong>#16 New Jersey Devils at #1 Colorado Avalanche</strong>

The Devils made a late push to get themselves into the playoffs, but any hope they had of advancing was quickly dismantled by an Avs team led by their lethal top line of Rantanen, Mackinnon, and Marner. The GMs gave a 74/26 edge to Colorado, and despite a couple of strong efforts, the Devils were sent downlike a big pile of snow falling down a mountain. Avs in 4.

Game 1: COL 5-2, Rust GWG
Game 2: COL 4-3 OT, Mackinnon GWG
Game 3: COL 5-3, Landeskog GWG
Game 4: COL 3-2, Marner GWG

COL vote % 73.6%
COL single game win % 94.2%
COL series win % 100%

<strong>#15 Vegas Golden Knights at #2 Carolina Hurricanes</strong>

In a surprising midweek interaction, the Vegas GM seemed to verbally concede this matchup between the re-tooling Golden Knights and the Canes. If it was a puzzling move then, it shouldn’t be puzzling anymore, as Carolina absolutely gobsmacked the Golden Yikes. Fans spent more time arguing about who the number one defenseman is on the Canes than debating who will win the series. The voting in this series was the most lopsided of any in the 1st round, 79/29. VGK got some puck luck in games 1 and 4, but ultimately failed to come away with a single victory. Canes in 3... err 4.

Game 1: CAR 4-3, Buchnevich GWG
Game 2: CAR 5-0, Vatrano GWG
Game 3: CAR 4-1, Buchnevich GWG
Game 4: CAR 3-2 OT, Aho GWG

CAR vote % 78.5%
CAR single game win % 100.0%
CAR series win % 100.0%

<strong>#14 Vancouver Canucks at #3 Toronto Maple Leafs</strong>

Only one team would advance from this heavyweight Canadian matchup. The Canucks made a late-season push after playing the rental market like a fiddle and coming away with a shutdown 3C and the greatest goal scorer of all time. But the Maple Leafs were consistently strong all season and weren’t about to be bullied in round one. The voters set this one to be a pretty tight matchup - 53/47 for TOR - and the Leafs jumped out to a 3-0 series lead, so naturally their fans went white with fear. Vancouver took the next two games thanks to clutch goals from Brendan Gallagher and TOMAS TAATTTAAAAAAR. Game six ended on the stick of Oliver Bjorkstrand thanks to the mustache power of his linemates, Fil Forsberg and Papi Matthews. Leafs in 6, good series.

Game 1: TOR 4-3, Pelech GWG
Game 2: TOR 5-2, Forsberg GWG
Game 3: TOR 2-0, Pelech GWG
Game 4: VAN 4-3 OT, Gallagher GWG
Game 5: VAN 5-3, Tatar GWG
Game 6: TOR 3-2, Bjorkstrand GWG

TOR vote % 52.8%
TOR single game win % 56.5%
TOR series win % 62.0%

<strong>#13 Los Angeles Kings at #4 Tampa Bay Lightning</strong>

Just like in the real world, Tampa was able to make a big addition to the roster for the playoffs as the former MVP Nikita Kucherov recovered from his offseason surgery with perfect timing that could be nothing short of coincidence. The Kings meanwhile, suffered a massive hit when their top line center Dylan Larkin was lost to injury before the series. The GMs did not vote particularly tight on this matchup, and Tampa used that 75/25 voting advantage to win the first 4 games of the series and advance to the 2nd round. The Lightning cited Cody Ceci as the key cog in the series win. Coach Jon Cooper said “Caca Peepee is a gamer, he competes, gets pucks deep, wins battles, and can be trusted in all situations.” Bolts in 4.

Game 1: TBL 6-1, Ceci GWG
Game 2: TBL 5-4, Garland GWG
Game 3: TBL 4-2, Joseph GWG
Game 4: 5-4, Point GWG

TBL vote % 75.3%
TBL single game win % 97.5%
TBL series win % 100.0%

<strong>#12 Dallas Stars at #5 Calgary Flames</strong>

If March Madness has taught us anything, it’s that the 12v5 matchup is built for upsets. The Stars entered the series with some new faces after their GM had a busy few weeks leading up to the trade deadline. The Flames made some moves of their own, including a move that sent center Bo Horvat to the Stars in exchange for Roope Hintz. Horvat, centering Swiss model Kevin Fiala and Dallas’ new sniper Patrik Laine, was out for revenge on his former team, but it was the Flames that prevailed in this close matchup. Calgary, voting favorites at 53%, took the series in dramatic fashion, winning on a game 7 overtime goal from Matt Tkachuk. Flames in 7.

Game 1: DAL 3-2, Kurashev GWG
Game 2: CGY 4-3, Strome GWG
Game 3: DAL 3-2 OT, Kurashev GWG
Game 4: CGY 5-2, Reilly GWG
Game 5: CGY 3-1, Oshie GWG
Game 6: DAL 2-0, Laine GWG
Game 7: CGY 4-3 OT, Tkachuk GWG

CGY vote % 53.2%
CGY single game win % 52.7%
CGY series win % 57.7%

<strong>#11 Winnipeg Jets at #6 New York Rangers</strong>

The Jets searched for a gamebreaker to add before the deadline, but their GM ultimately decided to move a couple of upcoming free agents and focus on the future. Still they entered the playoffs with a high-octane offense led by 2 of the top 7 goal scorers on the season. The Rangers have a strong veteran core and spent a lot of time near the top of the standings, earning the #6 seed. This was the closest series of the first round - the GMs actually gave the #11 seed Jets a 50.5% edge. No surprise to hockey men everywhere, the defense and goaltending became key factors, and the Rangers were able to edge out the high-powered Jets. Rangers in 7.

NYR vote % 49.5%
NYR single game win % 48.5%
NYR series win % 41.5%

Game 1 Pavelski
Game 2 DeBrincat
Game 3 Pavelski
Game 4 Tanev
Game 5 Trocheck
Game 6 Murphy
Game 7 Benn

<strong>#10 Detroit Red Wings at #7 Ottawa Senators</strong>

Detroit made a huge push at the outset of the season, and again at the deadline, to get themselves into a contending window. The Senators did the same thing, moving prized prospects for proven stars. The Wings suffered from no.1 d-man Aaron Ekblad going down to injury, and the Senators star forwards took full advantage of the opportunity in this series. Drake Batherson was the most noticeable Sen on the ice at times, and with teammates like Patrick Kane, Mark Stone, and Sean Couturier, this is extremely high praise for the youngster. The Wings were able to take one game from the Senators, but it is Ottawa who will be moving on to the 2nd round. Sens in 5.

OTT vote % 67.8%
OTT single game win % 81.3%
OTT series win % 98.6%

Game 1 Hartman
Game 2 Batherson
Game 3 Batherson
Game 4 Knyzhov
Game 5 Balcers

<strong>#9 Edmonton Oilers at #8 Montreal Canadiens</strong>

Edmonton and Montreal, another Canadian matchup with great teams and loads of talent. I wish we could’ve seen this one played out in real life - McDavid and Draisaitl versus Crosby and Malkin. The voting was tight as expected. Montreal received a 52% voting share and with home ice advantage, entered the simulated series with a slight edge over the underdog Oilers. The Oilers stole a game in Montreal, but the Habs returned the favor in Alberta. What would a playoff series be without a Nazem Kadri suspension? A high hit to teenager Ryan Nugent-Hopkins resulted in a suspension to Kadri for the remainder of the series. With a 3-game set to determine the winner, it became the Connor McDavid show. The clear MVP choice was just too much to handle in this one, and Edmonton pulled off the upset. Oilers in 7.

EDM vote % 48.0%
EDM single game win % 48.3%
EDM series win % 44.4%

Game 1 RNH
Game 2 Giroux
Game 3 Kadri
Game 4 Kreider
Game 5 McDavid
Game 6 Ekholm
Game 7 McDavid
Forum: GM Game 2019-2022 mai à 22 h 12
Welcome to the GM Game v4.2 Playoffs, presented by Honda, powered by SAP, and prepared by <a href="/users/A_K" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@A_K</a>.

The playoff bracket is set (see the ‘Playoffs’ tab in the <a href="https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yHU1F-KjEvTz5gBhBf42QepNrpp77vGJiED3pcRpGOI/edit#gid=283675476" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">score sheet</a>

The links to playoff voting will be found in this thread as soon as voting is open.

GMs will judge each matchup on the categories provided in the poll:

GMs will use a 0-10, 0-4, etc. scale to place votes on the favorability that one team has over the other in each of the categories. The away team is the left side (zero); home team is the right side.

Examples using a 10-pt category:
If you think the home team has a very slight advantage over the away team, your vote would be “6” or “7”.
If you think the away team has a dominant advantage over the home team, your vote would be “1” or “2”.
If you think neither team has a clear advantage in a category, your vote would be “5”. (In a 4-pt category, your vote would be “2”.)

Each GM may vote 1x per matchup – the CF username and team name are collected on each submitted ballot. If there are multiple entries per team, all will be thrown out and the BOG will investigate. AGMs do not receive a vote – 1 per team.

Each GM is asked to vote on all series EXCEPT for (a) matchups that involve his or her own team OR (b) matchups in which he or she owns a first round pick in 2020 of either team involved. The BOG and myself will rule out invalid votes and remove voting privileges for other series if this rule is not followed.

GMs are asked to avoid voting “straight ticket”, i.e. asked to avoid giving all of the possible pts in all categories to one team. GMs are also asked to avoid any biases toward teams/GMs/players that they may possess. Now is not the time to be a superfan, a grudge-holder, or a downright a-hole. We want the most objective results possible. In any case, the highest and lowest total scores for each matchup will be removed from the results. And personal bias will be investigated and votes potentially removed by the BOG with whatever evidence they may call upon.

Voting will remain open for 7 days, then the data will be uploaded into a google sheet where I will perform the simulations. Seven games are simulated for each series based on GM vote shares, home ice advantage (2-2-1-1-1 format for the 7 games), and a “puck luck” factor that randomly assigns a fraction of the total possible score.

I will publish the results to this thread within 1-2 days of the end of each round, and I will provide a view of the score sheet that shows the full voting and simulation results.

Use the General Discussion thread to post any questions or concerns with the playoff system. Good luck to all of the playoff teams - may the best team win!
Forum: GM Game 2019-20 1 avr à 19 h 09
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hanson493</b></div><div>Good Morning Everyone,

First bit of news, after discussing with <a href="/users/Rodzikhockey93" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@Rodzikhockey93</a>, he will be switching roles with his agm <a href="/users/NR1203" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@NR1203</a> due to his current inactivity in the game. Donny has not been fired, he has not quit, he has just stepped down as gm for the time being. This also means Donny is officially an agm and can choose to be an agm for whichever team he would like... and obviously Nanda (nram1203 on twitter) has been promoted to take over the team. This will act as a trial run for Nanda to see if he has what it takes to be a gm for gm game and similar to arizona, he will have all accepted trades approved by bog until we know he will be all good on his own. He is currently working on getting the page set up, and will be taking a couple days to assess what direction he would like to take the team and what the best way to do that will be.

Donny let us know when you have time again and we will see whats available for gm positions at that time and go from there.

Everyone else make sure you follow nanda on twitter, drop him a message etc, as he will be the new buffalo gm.

Last bit of news, we are discussing the RFA/UFA extensions and what the best way to proceed is. Stay tuned for more info likely to follow this current week.</div></div>

Thank you for the cooperation and understanding,

Will Hopefully become more involved in the game again by next season. Will keep involved in the community and looking at the progression in the game. In the event a new mode has occurred such as a V5. I would like to be notified