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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dopplsan</b></div><div>I go (1) Granlund; (2) Dadonov; (3) Hoffman.

I think Granlund would be a great fit, and the cheapest - a guy looking for a bounce back year. Plus, already having Koivu on the team as well can maybe help persuade him.

I'd dig Dadonov, but really only for three years or less. And I worry some team is going to throw five or six at him.

Hoffman is the best pure offensive force, but I know he has some big defensive gaps. Considering we already took on Domi, who has defensive questions himself, I'd be a bit uncomfortale compounding defensive liabilities. I really only see CBJ signing him if they can get him on a bargain - something even less than what he is asking for, which is purportedly a one year deal for around $5.5MM to $6.5MM.</div></div>
I agree with pretty much everything here. I’d maybe swap Dadonov and Granlund as my 1/2 but I’d have Hoffman as my #3 for sure. As great of a pure goal scorer as Hoff is I have serious questions about how he fits into our teams system at 5v5 now. On a one year deal I’m totally fine with Hoffman but I think any sort of commitment of more than 2 years of Hoffman is very risky for us.

One of my few concerns about Granlund would be that he’s played RW most of his career and I’m not sure how comfortable he’d be either moving to LW or one of our existing RWs moving over there. I do think Granlunds skill works better in a more structured team like a Columbus or Minnesota and it obviously helps to have his longtime linemate and friend in Koivu on the team.

Overall i think Dadonov is the best all around fit. He’s not a total defensive liability, he can play LW, he’s a proven 25+ goal scorer and an effective guy on the power play too. I’d love a Dadonov-Dubois-Bjorkstrand line. And i think he’s likely to sign a short term 1-2 year deal as well. I don’t think any teams are willing to throw around longer term than 3 years unless the player is taking a massive pay cut tbh.
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