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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>I think it comes down to the scarcity of the position Smith plays compared to Martin and how clubs value that kind of depth.

Every NHL club has a 7th defender. Smith falls into that poor #6 to good #7 range. How large of a gap is there between him and every other team's #7? What about their #6? One could have made a case that Arizona and Chicago probably should have put a claim in on Smith, but by all accounts, the Blackhawks are damned to test all internal solutions before looking outwards this year.

Most NHL teams have a #3 goaltender that they can hold some faith in should an injury occur and they need someone to man the fort for half a dozen games, but not every club. Likewise, goaltending is a very cerebral position (they're weird for a reason) and we've seen first hand with Vancouver and DiPietro what happens when a prospect gets rushed into a role they're wholly unprepared for. His career wasn't ruined per se, but he's taking the long way to breaking into the NHL full-time due to repeated rounds of shelling at the NHL level.

Having that #3 to insulate the up-and-coming prospects and build towards a long AHL playoff run is really good for prospect development.</div></div>

Oh I get it, it's just that the narrative on here that "he absolutely gets claimed" because he has POTENTIAL is nowhere near the reality of where NHL teams are. They need "NHL Defensemen" today in order to claim someone on waivers; and they have to be relatively certain that the new guy is better than the guy they are demoting; otherwise there is too much risk involved.

Ty Smith and Ryan Merkley types have really good talent in certains areas, but overall are just not ready for the NHL so they will clear waivers unless an NHL team has a well timed injury.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aadoyle</b></div><div>Got a question for yall. Would you give Willy 10m if you already had 3 other players in double digits (So making 10m+) or would you try and trade him/let him walk if he would not budge from his ask.</div></div>

100% I would; if they go get a top RD and Goalie in UFA next year (or at TDL) and stop spending money on more wingers.

Nylander is one of their best playoff performers and the team would look hollow if he left.

Next year's UFA class is looking pretty thin at C and RW (which is why Nylander can drive up his price). How do they even come close to plug that hole? Sam Reinhart is the only one under 30 that is close and he'll probably want $8 mil + at least. Sure they can spend big on 40-year old Pavelski, 34-year old Stamkos, or maybe 30-year old Chandler Stephenson; but no way those guys can deliver an appreciable greater chance at the cup than Nylander.

None of the Leafs forward prospects are going to be close to NHL top-6 in the next 2 seasons (outside of Knies, of course).

They already will have other major roster holes at RD to fill with Brodie and Klingberg UFA; Samsonov in Net; Giordano (leadership); and decisions on Bertuzzi/Domi to re-up and all that with Marner/Tavares contracts up the following year.

Liljegren will be RFA so will probably get a couple million $ raise.

If the Leafs want to compete in their Matthews window it's not Nylander that needs to go.

They could offer him $10 mil AAV range and still could offer $6 million each to a RD (Pesce?) and a Goalie (If not Samsonov then maybe Hellebuyck?) and about $3-4 million for a 2nd line RW.

But that would require having the discipline to not extend Bertuzzi/Domi/Brodie/Klingberg (short-term pain for long-term gain).

The following year the Leafs would have the cap increase ($5 million or more) and Marner and Tavares' contracts up and then they can deal with the 2 high-dollar UFA's that REALLY are the cause of the cap-crunch/playoff pushover issue that the Leafs have.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LeafsForLife</b></div><div>Thanks for the info. In that case, I think if the player was uncomfortable with the request, he should’ve told Babcock no. If the player complied, or said no and Babcock backed off, but complained to the media, I think that the player would be in the wrong. However, if the player said no, but Babcock insisted, I think the player has a leg to stand on. I still think it was blown way out of proportion though, what about you?</div></div>

Without all the facts it's a tough call to make. These kids are alone in the room with their new head coach. The power-dynamic is completely shifted in favor of the coach. If the sharing of photos with Jenner (a 30-year old NHL "legacy" player with 11 years experience, team captain, NHLPA team representative, and a member of the NHLPA Executive Board) came up naturally in conversation it was as close of between "peers" in power dynamics that you can find. Perhaps Jenner felt that sharing his phone photos impromptu IS a testament to what type of "man he is" and agrees with that philosophy.

If after that, Babcock was emboldened with the idea and then basically went down the line with all the players including young players that are fighting for a roster spot under new coach, new system. Perhaps a 19 year old from a less than privileged family, or a foreign country, does not feel the same at all. The power dynamic is not the same thing anymore. They NEED the coach to like them so they get playing time. Perhaps one of them has photos that he absolutely DOES NOT want to share. If Babcock tells him: "C'mon everyone is doing this to prove what type of man you are; even your captain says so" this is basically a threat to another player. This could be a type of hazing.

If all of it was innocent and above board, the players should have been told in advance. The Coach wants you all to meet with him and get to know each other; he would like for you to share with him any photos of family, friends, vacations, hobbies, pets, etc to get to know you better and he'll do the same; please be prepared in advance.

Doing it the way it was done COULD have been the recipe for disaster.

We don't know the facts, but I know my 19 and 21 year old nieces and nephews might agree to it and then regret it later or feel that it was a violation; but felt powerless to refuse at the time.
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