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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Finski</b></div><div>I placed the teams into the countries where Hockey is actually watched. Placing a team into London would not bring attention to the sport (necessarily). Tampere, Malmo, etc. have great facilities in place where a NHL franchise could play, and both cities would bring in great numbers of fans to the sport. London, Paris, Copenhagen, etc. would need to be put into place after the market has been secured in Europe, if not the teams might fail. If the NHL could wind up support on the continent then it is the time to hit the large (non hockey cities) not before.</div></div>

Agree to disagree.

Every major sport starts in those types of cities, but the money drives them to the big metro centers eventually so why not start there. Same reason why Vegas is successful; it isn't about having 15,000 butts in seats; it is about getting large corporate sponsors, luxury suite sales, corporate advertisers, TV ratings, etc.

A team in Tampere would have a worst case scenario financially that is probably a solid "floor", but their best case scenario "ceiling" is not going to be that much higher. A team in London however would have a huge potential.

Just look at the German pro hockey league financially versus even Sweden. Sweden has better players, more interest/attention; but the German league is far better off financially.

As I said, Quebec and Halifax are places "where hockey is actually watched"; but the NHL is never going to those cities for that reason.

In order to support NHL level expenses and salaries; each team would have to produce over $175 million per year in Hockey-Related Revenue (HRR) and that is on the LOW side; this would cause ticket prices to multiply. So, yes some of those cities have popular hockey: they just can't support that level of economics. Even Helsinki Jokerit would have to raise ticket prices almost 10-fold to get close to that level; but at least Helsinki is a major European city and can probably continue to support the team at that level; Tampere however could not; nor the other smaller cities.

London and Paris have Europe's highest GDP by cities by far and with their population they could easily find success drawing fans in professional hockey at the highest level.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>justaBoss</b></div><div>To give my two cents on the fourth line discussion.

Fourth line is usually considered to consist of players that are tough opposition to play against. They compete hard, and it's an advantage if they can be physical too. Ideally they're also defensively responsible. Key thing is that while they might lack in terms of scoring ability, they still need to boost up the mentality for their actual scoring lines to make sure they can put up results when it's needed.

I think WSH's and TB's fourth lines excel in this form of game. To the same extent where the Isles fourth line did in the bubble playoffs and 2021 ones too, they were praised for a reason.

You don't make a solid fourth line by putting the random players there that simply don't fit higher in the lineup. That's more just ditching the whole idea of the fourth line completely, and filling up the slots with players that are of different sort of expertise. I think Ducharmethedominator 's idea of putting Pitlick-Evans-Hoffman as the "fourth line" represents this idea far more than NovaSpartan 's shout of Sheary-Dowd-Hathaway does.

Personally, I would 100% choose the WSH's fourth line over MTL's "fourth line."</div></div>

Agreed that the 4th line is meant to be some type of "change-of-pace" line. Which is why a team like Minnesota that already has a "shutdown" line the GREEF 2nd unit; can afford to put together a 4th line that is meant to be purely offensive in nature.
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