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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Shanesaw9</b></div><div>I think Armia will get more unless he has a really bad year. He already had an improved season last year, so his value has already gone up IMO.

If Edmundson has "a great" season, wouldn't we want to protect him in the expansion draft?

If Byron scores 20 goals I don't think giving up a draft pick to move his low cap hit of $3.4M is necessary. Thats pretty good goal value there, and he kills penalties. Byron could also just be bought out as a last resort.

The rest is very possible though. The Tatar and KK deals make sense. Danault is probably a year long than I'd like. One thing that needs to be considered is Suzuki and Romanov need new deals next year though and you only have ~$5M coming off the cap from Alzner Kulak and Chiarot. That leaves you vulnerable to an offersheet or forces you to make some trades you will likely lose. Maybe, MTL should just say good bye to Tatar and move Tofolli to RW (assuming Tofolli works out).

There are a whole lot of different scenarios for this team, impossible for anyone to know right now how it will work out.</div></div>

Re: Armia: I agree. His value is already up from last contract negotiation.

Re: Edmundson: Good point. Either him or Chiarot seems to be the D that could get picked up.

Re: Byron, excellent point about the draft pick. I guess I figured the term wasn't very good (too long). I disagree about buying him out though; I'd try everything to trade him, even with a draft pick sweetener, because of his "manageable" AAV for other teams.

Absolutely agree about the rest of your post though.