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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KingofRnR</b></div><div>We gotta see what Klapka &amp; Schwind can bring to the NHL and Ben Jones will move on from us before we move on from him. He could be just as effective as Greer, Ruzicka, Duehr or even Dube &amp; Sharangovich have been for us

Hope I’m wrong, but Pospisil likely ends up in the Bottom-6 here eventually and Dube will likely be moved to make space on the Roster for Pelletier &amp; Honzek and because Ruzicka will be 1/3 the Cap Hit of Dube

I recommend moving Sharangovich if possible too, he just doesn’t have enough piss &amp; vinegar to his game. Literally plays with little to no emotion, urgency or physicality

Ruzicka was the same last season, but at least contributed offensively. Other than his Defensive Play &amp; Penalty Killing, Sharangovich has a ways to go before l’ll be impressed by and/or want to keep him

Should try to ship him and Dube to SJ for Anthony Duclair + Fabian Zetterlund

Definitely need to move Vladar before the start of next season. Dube won’t accept $800k, he’s gonna want closer to Sharangovich’a $3.1mil/yr. Give Wolf a bit more on a 2 year term to match Markstrom’s contract expiry. Hard to tell what Rosy &amp; Pospisil or Pelletier will get just yet…. Depends how they do the rest of the seasons and in Pelletier’s case what he does upon his return</div></div>

I didn't focus on contract length or amount. I was just focused on getting the players on the screen. I don't mind the Dube and Sharangovich to SJ idea tbh. Would love to see Klapka come up. I don't know if I see Honzek on the roster next year. That could change based on his production after he returns from injury this year. I do agree Vladar should get moved and I would defo line up Wolfs next contract to match when Marky's ends. All the youth and possibilities, its an exciting time.
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