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Forum: NHL Tradesil y a 15 heures
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>saying Horny was a 50 point player doesn't really tell the whole story. You keep ignoring that part.
Like I said, he's not a top 6 player anymore, he's way to slow. Neither Malkin or Crosby wanted someone that slow on their line while they are trying to run up the rush. That was more than clear. He slowed those lines down, that's why he got dropped to the 3rd line.
He also never really clicked on a 3rd pairing, the lack of foot speed was evident. You keep looking at goals and points, but his corsi has dropped like a rock. He use to be a 56% corsi player on the penguins. Last year was the 3rd or 4th straight year of decline down to 48%. For a guy who got 50+% Ozone starts. It was also the first year his corsi events for were lower than his corsi events against.
Those are all bad signs for an aging player.

Horny had his day on this team. But that was when the league was a lot slower and he didn't stick out as much being a bit younger.

There are simply truths to his game. He's not a great defender, in a defensive role in the bottom 6. He's not great moving through the neutral zone and he doesn't really have the ability to skate. You start adding it up and you realize how he was not fitting in.

I'm not judging any of this based on matheson at all. That's all purely on Horny. removing him was addition by subtraction just to start.

matheson is what he is. Now we can say we won't know what he'll be like on the penguins but truth is, you don't have to know that to judge this.
If they use this as the excuse to finally get rid of JJ than can you really look at it as a "bad move"
He can be no worse.
I mean if you ask any penugins fan what they want their defense to look like.

I'm pretty sure you get a 175% B response.

If he plays well, he's probably gone in the expansion draft given there isn't a lot there to choose form and a good defenseman would probably get picked up. So in that case the contract doesn't mean much.
And if he struggles, it's still better than JJ and Schultz. Who were both awful in their own end. matheson may turn the puck over, but at least he's not incompetent defending.
You can pull the puck out of his hands. Many teams do that. Look at Chara as he aged, they always had McAvoy move the puck when paired with him.

That eliminates the biggest issue with matheson . Especially since the whole penguins defense is designed to move the puck from the right point. AKA Letang, Marino, Schultz.

So yeah, moving a 5.3 million winger who is 34, was obviously declining, for a guy who is an upgrade in the defensive end isn't a bad move. Not nearly what you make it to be.</div></div>

We can agree to disagree on Horny. im not say youre wrong but i do think he adds a lot and will be greatly missed next season... Aslo dont be shocked if your defense looks like this


Pettersson traded to get a 3c lol i hope not but its possible
Forum: NHL Tradesil y a 17 heures
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>come on man, this is a bad take.
No one wanted to play with Horny in the top 6, he was too slow. He single handedly helped shut those lines down by not being able to keep up. The square peg in a round hole was painfully obvious. I've been saying that for the last 2 years. The guy is in decline.
Yeah he got some goals, hanging around the net like he does. But that isn't the game they want to play. They want to run and gun on the ice. I'm not saying that is a smart move at this point but it is what it is. That's why they are trying to bring in more speed. Some times the production you see in stats doesn't tell the whole story. He clearly didn't fit the top 6 here. And while I think he still had some value, that contract and age weighted it down. He belongs on a team that plays a slower cycle game. He might not weight down a top line there.
I'm not sold on the penguins offense as a strategy. Going down ice, getting one shot and then coming back the other way isn't a great game plan. At some point you need a cycle. But it is the horse they choose to ride on, to run the puck back and forth up and down the ice and open the game up to a faster pace. Frankly I think that explains a lot of their issues. But hey, they have to figure that out on their own.

While I don't think matheson is some top 4LD, I don't know where people get this extremely bad idea from, I also don't think he could be any worse than Schultz who was awful and JJ who I think is out the door. Given the fact that Hornqvist was 5.3 million in basically dead cap, at worst it's a swap. I know I know, the contract is longer. Who care. Defense is easier to move anyway especially when the player is much younger.

What I do think is that if he plays well, he won't be on the penguins for more than 1 year. He'll be gone to Seattle and that will be that.
Don't think the penguins can't get that done. Any team can turn a guy around for 1 year. That's all it takes to move him.
1 year of this guy for Horny isn't all that bad. I have no problem trading Horny for a useful piece they lose in a year. Mainly because they needed to get that contract out.

Now if he plays bad that's a different story. But look at it this way. If they move JJ out, they let Schultz walk, and they move dead cap in Horny. You just lost 14 million in bad cap. And you only brought back 4.9.
It's not horrible. Yes it's a gamble he plays well, but if he does, you moved out 14 million in bad cap, and brought back 0. That's a good off season. He's only like 1 million more than JJ. And if bringing him in means that's the excuse for moving JJ out. I'm not complaining.</div></div>

I’m confused on how it’s a bad take? Horny was on pace for 50 points 27 goals. Last 3 years he was on the exact same pace. “Decline” isn’t really how I would describe him. Maybe you see him as diminishing goods or overpaid but he added a lot of things that the team was missing. Either way at best ... at the very best this is a okay trade. More than likely you traded a 50 point RW for a younger JJ who makes more money. This trade didn’t address a single need. Adding a 4+ million 3Lhd who is known for turnovers....traded a guy who was great in front on the net and added 20-25 goals a year. Yeah I understand why penguin fans are optimistic (what choice do you have) but don’t try to sell this as horny sucks and this kid sucks less bc that ain’t it
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