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Caps fan idk why
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1 déc 2016
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Capitals de Washington
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25 sep 1983
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Forum: Armchair-GMWed at 3:37 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>there is a very strong argument though that he gets more help than anyone in the whole league to hit those numbers. On top of it, there is an additional argument that past performance does not guarantee future results. In 4 years will Ov be a 40+ goal scorer?
Because you are paying him to be.
So yeah he nets 40+ goal a season, but he's clearly got declining play. He hasn't had a FF above 50% since 15-16.
only 1 x in the past 5 years a corsi over 50%.
Last year was the first time in the last 6 years or something he finished a - player on the ice in 5v5 play.
So as much as he scores goals still, there is a reality that you are not getting a 10.5 mil x 4 player here.
That would be like the penguins saying they should pay Malkin 9.5 again when his contract ends. I like the guy and all but he's not worth 9.5. Even if he's still performing.
At some point you have to make the best decisions to win. The reality is at 36, he should be making a lot less than 10.5. Not only to bring in help to win, but because things are clearly in decline.
It's not like there aren't other guys in the league at 40 goal paces making far less. Pasta and Jake in this new metro division alone meet that and they are in the 6 range.
Now you can say they weren't UFAs, but I counter with they aren't 36 years old either.</div></div>

Penguins need to sign Malkin if they want to keep their window open. Hes bonified superstar and i doubt they let him walk. he will likely ask for similar money and get it... that imo. Jake signed a very friendly deal and PAsta wasnt who he is today when he signed that deal. idk i wish his deal would be 8m but its unlikely
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TrueCanuck</b></div><div>Don't know why you're jumping to insults?

Nylander actually is good without playing with anyone of those 3 players and there's stats to show it. Nylander is an elite possession player that drives play. He's excellent in zone entries and is just as dangerous passing the puck as he is shooting it. Points isn't everything in hockey, that's why so many teams use analytics to determine how good a player is. Remember how Jonthan Cheechoo had 56 goals 1 season? Does that make him an elite goal scorer in your mind? Forgetting that he never came close to it other than that season and the fact that he played with Joe Thornton that season?

Tom Wilson is a 40 point guy that plays physical and crosses the line far too much. He's best suited for a middle 6 role based on that, but again if he didn't have that elite playmaking centre as he's had in Kuznetzov and Backstrom, he wouldn't have 40 points. He doesn't drive play, he isn't that great at zone entries, he's not good defensively - which would make him a bottom 6 option without that centre. Wilson is a fan favourite in Washington which apparently makes him extremely valuable on this site for some reason, I'm not sure why. Nylander has proven he's an elite talent in the league but people on here seem to hate him just because he doesn't play physical and he's on Toronto. A lot of players don't play physical. They're still elite and far better than Wilson. Do you think Huberdeau is better than Wilson? Because Nylander is the same version of player that Huberdeau is. Nylander is just younger.

You can love Wilson all you want, people have their favourite players. But just because they're you're favourite player doesn't add value. 32 teams in the league would rather have Nylander over Wilson on their team in any season.</div></div>

Nyander is a dime a dozen type player. Wilson adds a physicals aspect that makes him hard to play against/ easy to play with. The fact you think Nylander can produce without elite talent is laughable but i digress. Great example... Washington put Wilson on the top line and the Capitals won a cup... he added something that was able to push this team over the edge to greatness. Nylander isnt anything special tbh but You can love Nylander all you want, people have their favourite players. But just because they're you're favourite player doesn't add value. 32 teams in the league would rather have Wilson over Nylander on their team in any season. Just look who your team is trading for in this thread lol

lol reporting people.... you seem like the type