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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Campabee</b></div><div>Like I said in a previous thread (many fans of other teams argued with me though) Anderson and Wilson are similar players, on similar contracts with similar point totals over their careers and similar ages. Many think Anderson is a cap dump but Wilson would return a 1st +, I think Wilson is a great power forward and only used him as a comp for Anderson cause the others were saying the comp for Anderson is Kassian which is outright ridiculous. Even defensively Anderson is only slightly worse than Wilson, Wilson is the better player I am not arguing that just that the difference is not as much as they would have you believe. I think the Habs would do Anderson + 2nd or 3rd for Carlson in a heartbeat and so would the Caps (at least IMO). Many fans on this site do not see the value in having a Wilson or Anderson on their roster, I say look to the Leafs and Oilers if you want to see the value.</div></div>

i mean i have Anderson slotted on the 2nd line... bc you know he sucks. (jk). like i said before i think his style would fit great with the Capitals... similar to why they moved Vrana for Mantha. Carlson is still worth a 1st + just like i heard Anderson's rumored value is about that. i said a bad contract for a less bad contract but imo its more a playful way of wording things... other just really have been waiting years i guess for any type of validation. ... not saying any names. i like his game and his cap hit is less than Carlson's ... imo that would help the capitals in the long run
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