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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NoWah49</b></div><div>left easily. although with that said, when Malkin is on fire he's the best player in the league. he's just wildly inconsistent and that is his downfall</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Pens3lieve</b></div><div>similar to what he said. Sidney Crosby is a generational centre. Gretzky, lemiuex, Crosby, McDavid. period. I don't put anyone else in that very special category. Evgeni Malkin is the next tier of Hall of fame centres who will have great careers, MVP seasons, scoring titles, etc.

now I will say this. Sid has amazing work ethic and could prob put up 50 pts till he's 50 and have over a 50% corsi. he commits defensively and makes line mates better.

Geno I think has had more raw talent than Sid. he's has a size advantage and can push people around while Sid holds them off. he has a better slap shot. when he's on, he can STILL take over a game. we saw it this year.

Sid brings it every game as much as he can. consistency. I don't know I've ever seen him take over a game like Geno. he has had amazing games but it's not like making flashy plays like geno. it's just a back check to steal a puck, a quick up to start a rush the other way, smart passes creating offense, always doing the little things to elevate his team.

IF there are 10 seconds left in a game and you are down 1, I want geno with the puck to make something happen. namely, a goal.

if there is 1 minute left in the game, and you're protecting a lead, I want Sid on the ice.

they are both elite talents for sure.
Geno has the edge in some categories, but it's indisputable that Sid is the better overall player.

Geno is an elite centre who can dominate at times.
Sid is a generational centre who always plays at a high level but doesn't really have a "beast mode" like Geno.

I hope that explanation was clearer than mud.</div></div>

To be clear I told him that in the last 2 years Malkin has been better than Crosby. He referred to Malkin as a 2c. I’ve been posting stats on to back my opinion he keeps posting YouTube videos lol

Better question. Who is more underrated Malkin or Crosby ?
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hockeyfanatic05</b></div><div>Did I say you said Guentzel wasn't good? No. I said you said hes only a 40 goal scorer because of Crosby. Like I said, you diminish their wingers. Simon is awful. And look what happened in Buffalo with Sheary. He had his 2nd highest point season in Buffalo. Did crosby and malkin help him in Buffalo too? And you brought up Kunitz. Did they help him score 20+ when he played in Anaheim? And you do realize rust played with malkin a lot last year too, and wasn't a ppg player? Its stupid you rule out the fact he just had an outlier of a year. Im not saying crosby and malkin dont boost stats, but people like you constantly pick and choose when to use that logic. Again, its stupid and unreliable. You can use that logic with so many players. One being Tom Wilson</div></div>

Quote me where I said this please? You mean a 1st round pick that had amazing juniors stats that got pinned on the 4th line bc the capitals refused to let him play a single game in the the AHL to develop him? Yeah that sounds like what happened with Simon. Lmfao rust is a solid 2 way center but when he was placed on the line w Malkin and rust he scored at an elite level. Makes a a massive difference. Saying players score more playing w Crosby / Malkin isn’t dump or unreliable it’s factual 9/10. Look at Kas playing w Mcdavid. Or look at RNH. Point totals when he plays wing w elite talent compared to when he had to center his own line. It’s not just Pittsburgh it happens everywhere. Look at Marners totals w Tavares and without.
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