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In contemplating Montreal's "situation" with Tomas Plekanec -- the fact that we're paying him $6mil a season to play anywhere from L1 to L3 for 10 goals and declining offensive output -- it's pretty hard to try and establish a trade market for him. He's a tremendous defensive forward, a PK specialist, but the money for where he slots with the team just doesn't make sense to me.

Buying him out is an option -- it would cost $2.67mil this season and $1.67mil next -- but I think would be a tremendous morale hit, as he's a lifelong Habs player, and it doesn't make the team better.

I took a look at the teams that are not mired in salary cap issues right now and I came up with two potential landing spots for Plekanec, with returns that fill our needs, given what else we could move with him that I would be comfortable with -- Carolina, and Edmonton. One is probably not realistic at all; the other, honestly, could make sense.

First, the package leaving Montreal. Plekanec, as I said, has a $6mil cap hit, but only for one more season before he becomes a 35+ UFA. Retaining salary in the transaction is completely manageable. If I understand the rules, Montreal can retain up to $2.5mil (as his salary -- not his cap hit, his salary -- this season is $5mil) in a trade that would count as $3mil against this season's cap only. So now we're talking about moving Plekanec as a $3mil cap hit instead of $6mil. We also have a pair of second-round picks in the 2018 Draft -- ours, and Chicago's -- so moving the better of those two picks is also completely reasonable. And honestly, if we trade out of the 4th-7th rounds in any given draft, I'm not going to lose sleep over it, and we have 9 such picks in the next 3 drafts.

Plekanec @ 50% retained, better 2018 2nd + later picks. That's the outgoing package. If we wanted to toss in a prospect/developing player along with that, it's reasonable, so long as it isn't Juulsen, McCarron, Scherbak, Lehkonen, Hudon, Danault, or one of those goaltending prospects (Fucale/Lindgren/McNiven).

Now, as far as the return.

CAROLINA -- The player I'm looking at it Victor Rask. 24 years old, 5x$4mil against the cap. Jordan Staal is a capable L1 center for them, they just brought in Marcus Kruger to play up the middle in the bottom 6 with Josh Jooris, and both Teuvo and Lindholm are capable of moving to the middle if needed. Plekanec could slot into their #2 spot and anchor their already-very-good PK to make it one of the league's best. This is the less realistic option, as Carolina's primary problem is the same as ours -- scoring goals.

EDMONTON -- The player I'm looking at is RNH. Also 24, 4x$6mil against the cap. The McFranchise extension isn't likely to cause cap issues just yet, but in seasons to come, it could be an issue, so alleviating what some Oilers fans may deem as "dead space" could help out in years 3 and 4 when it's time to extend Strome and Puljujarvi. Bringing in Strome is a move that makes an RNH trade easier to swallow, as he may well be cheaper come extension time than RNH is now. Bringing in Plekanec as the #3 for this coming season to play with (likely) Slepyshev and Jokinen, plus the top PK line (a PK that was in the bottom half last season) may well give them a better chance to win THIS SEASON than holding on to RNH.

So what do you think?

Plekanec @ 50% + 2018 2nd (plus picks and/or prospect) for Victor Rask?

Plekanec @ 50% + 2018 2nd (plus picks and/or prospect) for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins?

Is either deal realistic? Does that return get either deal done?