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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Campabee</b></div><div>Beck has some pretty stiff competition for a center spot. 1-2C are taken by Zuke and Dach, 3C is likely filled by Monahan and 4C is Evans. Now beating out Evans is pretty simple if Beck can chip in on the offense but the other 3 are pretty well solidified in their spots. That doesn't mean Beck can't displace Monahan and move him to the wing it's just not an easy task. Now if we are betting on which rookie will make it on the opening night roster out of camp, the smart money is on Beck but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be Reinbacher who makes it.</div></div>

As much as Habs management want Dach at C (and they will definitely try) until he can prove to be a decent face-off guy (let’s face it, he stunk at the dot last season, although not as much as with Chicago) I still see them pairing him with another Center. Be it Suzuki or Monahan. So for me, that 3C position is wide open.

My projected forward group to start the season is:

Caufield - Suzuki - Newhook
Slafkovsky - Dach - Monahan
RHP - Beck - Anderson
Armia - Evans - Gallagher

Ylonen and Pezetta (extras), Dvorak (IR) and when he comes back decide to either send Beck to junior or waive Armia or Ylonen (Hopefully Armia lol)

Also, I REALLY hope they don’t rush Reinbacher and put him on the roster, doesn’t even matter how good a camp he has. There’s really no point to throw him to the wolves. When Habs still have Savard, Barron, Kovacevic, and even Wideman *barf* at RD that would take away valuable minutes away from Reinbacher, just let him play 25+ minutes a night in Laval or Kloten, and play 30+ minutes a game at the World Juniors.

My projected D core is:

Matheson - Barron
Guhle - Savard
Xhekaj - Harris
Kovacevic (extra)

Habs are notorious for rushing their top picks now it’s not even funny anymore (Galchenyuk, Kotkaniemi, and even Slafkovsky imo should of gone to Laval or back to Europe instead of bouncing around the Habs lineup playing less than 10 minutes a night…)
The last top pick where the Habs actually took their time with…Carey Price… so for the love of god please please please keep Reinbacher away from this current D core. It might not be because Reinbacher isn’t ready, he very well could be, but it’s 100% because the Habs aren’t ready for Reinbacher.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Leafsfan98</b></div><div>Anderson had 6 points in 22 games for the Habs though... That's an abysmal performance... especially for a guy whom the Habs are looking to ship for a 1st+, even with retention... Anderson was a nonfactor at best against the leafs in the playoffs and wasn't very good beyond that point... 1 point in 7 games. And according to Habs fans, that was THE defining series for JA... I don't think any good GM is looking at JA and thinking: This guy will swing a series for me... He doesn't score, doesn't fight and isn't good at defence... 3 major red flags</div></div>

I don’t know what you’re expecting from 3rd line production, but anymore and you might as well consider him top 6. If you average out Anderson’s 5 goals in 22 games over a full season, it gives just under 19 goals… which is what you expect from him.
I know leaf fans try to repress the memories of the Habs series, but Anderson definitely played an important part in the series with his physicality. I’d agree he wasn’t THE factor (that belongs to the Danault line completely shutting down Matthews and Marner).
Saying Anderson again wasn’t very good after the leafs series just continues to show you’re out to lunch, he was one of the best Habs players in the Vegas series, and was one of the few who actually played well against Tampa.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Leafsfan98</b></div><div>Reaves had roughly half of Anderson's total points... but plays a lot tougher <strong>and faster</strong> than Anderson... I think the Leafs don't need Anderson</div></div>

And now I know you’re just a troll, no point debating anymore.
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