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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>Poehlings top 3 ahead of Suzuki for sure.

Poehlings rare

challenged on his skating year 1 , adjusts and fixes it
challenged on his Power and Strength year 2 , puts on 40lbs of muscle over the next year
challenged on his Stamina and Scoring in year 3 , he gets surgery after his tonsils come out because they found a flap of skin partially blocking his nasal canal .

Challenged this year on whether or not he'll be ready for a full 82 game season
he chooses not to take the summer off again this year to work on his preparations with Coach Olson in Minnisotta while playing in the DBL summer league with Pro NHL players .

the guys got a drive to him we rarely see
he's a pure Athlete with a chip on his shoulder and the drive to be the best his state produced .
Poehling's years ahead of Suzuki and even Kotkanemi for that matter who couldnt finish the year due to lack of conditioning and chose to take the summer off .

KK is a stud dont get me wrong , but Poehlings work ethic is Superior much like Rod the Bod Brind'Amour his conditioning is unmatched .
KK plays a Barkov style by his own words Draft Day and that takes time , Even Barkov took 4 years before hitting his stride as a complete all around All Star.
Poehling is on years 4 of preparing for the NHL on North American Ice so he's got a clear leg up on KK

Poehling might not win rookie of the year but he will be top 5 with his former teammate Jack Hughes IMO living in Hughes shadow the past few years and Clayton Keller's before that i suspect you see Poehling dominate the rookie race .</div></div>

I agree with everything you said about Poehling and I love him as much as you do but my ranking is about asset value and upside. I personally think Suzuki has a higher ceiling than Poehling even though Poehling is pretty much a sure thing at this point. KK is by far #1 in terms of asset value.

As for Brook, I doubt he'll be able to play LD in the NHL, as most D playing on their off side in junior end up switching back in the pros, but I would be more than happy if he can play LD. He would fill a huge need, sooner than our other LD prospects. I admit Fleury might be a bit low.

Hudon is done with the Canadiens. I don't see him playing one more game on this team and would definitely take a prospect like Hillis for him if the offer was presented. Wouldn't think about it one second. We have to stop thinking guys will keep getting better when they are 25 and still can't crack the line up. Other than that, I agree with all your other statements.
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