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Sujet: Dnvr chaos
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldBaySeasoningOfficial</b></div><div>You're gonna over value him just like I'm gonna overvalue Landeskog, I don't care if he's *your team's* best player, 2-3 high picks 2-3 three mid-high prospects is plenty fair for a 60-70 point top-15 guy. That's absolutely the starting point lmao. Like I said, maybe throw in an extra pick and/or prospect bc of CO's prospects, but my point was that's the value, in a vaccuum is there. Now, that's a rebuilding blow-it-up move, and it doesn't necessarily seem like that's where CGY is, so yes, this trade doesn't make sense, and under that context, it absolutely would take more to pry him away, BUT in a vaccum the value's there.

You're not gonna get Byram + prospects and picks if you want that trade, value wise. Byram projects as a top-15 NHL defensemen, you could *maybe* get Byram + low-mid prospect or mid pick.

My point's about sheer value, the sheer value is there. The context and what CGY as an org. are trying to do make this trade untenable, hence why it would require more.</div></div>

I can't argue that because you're absolutely right in a vacuum the projection you said for Tkachuk's value is definitely that, but the trade you offered in my opinion is not equal to the value you stated, the 2-3 high picks, and the 2-3 mid-high prospects. Because your pick is extremely low, Shane Bowers wouldn't interest me at all if i'm GMBT, Newhook is the only player in there that interests me. But if im giving up Matthew Tkachuk I need more than just Newhook to interest me, otherwise the answers no.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xqb15a</b></div><div>Ah yes the Response after the I’m not going to respond declaration. The I’m going to ignore the scoring averages and scoring rates and lack of awards you don’t want to acknowledge. And oh yeah he blossomed late, well kid I got news for you he isn’t going to get to play OTT and VAN 16 times next year, or 2 other severely defensively hampered teams in EDM and WPG 16 times, and he still did not do what you claimed, he didn’t score 30, he isn’t a ppg, and he isn’t elite defensively. And finally the “ah I like Timmins” instead of sticking to the heart of the matter that it isn’t Byram kid. You don’t get Byram in a Lindholm trade. But no you had to huff he is a 1C, you had to puff, he is elite defensively, and then I had to blow your house down Kadri was better in both xGF, and xGA last year than Lindholm. It’s over kid, but hey we will get in a snarky response about your team being historically bad a few years ago, and yeah my guy they were and 2 short years later they bounced the #1 seeded Flames straight out in 5 and they still haven’t recovered.</div></div>

LMAO you arent even worth responding to but since im a petty guy I cant help it, either way tho you proved absolutely nothing and said absolutely nothing intelligent. Your stats are cherry picked and nothing but excuse filled, oh he didnt do this cause of this and this and that, are you also gonna say McDavid isn't that good cause he played against the Jets 16 times too?. I cant keep arguing with someone whos head is so far up their ass they can see their dinner from 3 nights ago. It's really not fun arguing with an arrogant, hard-headed old man so ill end it with this, good luck finding some therapy cause them insecurity issues don't go away with age :)
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xqb15a</b></div><div>Insecurity my guy, nah I’ve got 2 kids in college another in high school and discarded any insecurities I have at all. Sure Lindholm is on a great contract, sure he is a good player that doesn’t make him a 1C or elite defensively. But go ahead and gloss over the original point from the very beginning he doesn’t get you Byram, and then you magically lump Byram and Newhook with Timmins like they all have the same value. But hey you roll with him as your 1C on a fringe play off team.</div></div>

And yet again you failed to understand my point, clearly wisdom doesnt come with age lmao

I didn't say they have the same value, I just really like Timmins cause hes one of my favorite prospects not in the Flames so id love to him, its more of a personal bias for me.

A couple years of success has really gone to your head eh, forget about the fact that your team was one of the worst teams historically not even that long ago, a teams fortunes can change very quickly. Who even knows how you guys do this year, the Avs were certain cup favorites and somehow lost to Vegas. Last season was the same exact thing. This upcoming season you guys lose your vezina goalie, your captain, and several depth pieces, so maybe don't talk about other teams playoff hopes when you have nothing to show for your years of being "favorites".

All the other stuff again, you didn't make any good points saying hes a .6 career average scorer when he blossomed late is just such a stupid argument to discount my statement that hes basically gotten 30 goals in 2 of the last 3 season, and 2 of those 3 seasons he was nearly point per game while putting up excellent defensive numbers. If you think getting a player with all those attributes and making less than 5 million for 3 more years in a flat cap world isn't worth something significant then by all means offer your Shane Bowers and low picks, I can be here all day telling you that its a terrible stupid offer.

Also age doesn't mean you don't have insecurities lmao your first reply you called me a "kid" in a hockey discussion, good job!
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xqb15a</b></div><div>You’re arguments get worse and worse. Elite defensively, because he kills penalties he got zero Selke ZERO Selke votes, you know who got more Mikko Rantanen and Mitch Marner and to be honest they don’t even try defensively. I get it you like him, he is a good player. He is not however anything you make him out to be. All to often on here people throw out elite and it is a joke because elite is the best of the best. If he were elite or a true 1C the flames wouldn’t be such a middling team too. And literally you show how little you know by lumping Byram and Newhook in with Timmins. Byram and Newhook are all sorts of levels above Timmins, but no you had to be the first one to shoot their mouth off with the predictable “he starts with Byram”, not even understanding the difference in not only the talent levels, but the values. Hell you could have thrown in the argument the trade needs to include Timmins and I wouldn’t have said anything, but you didn’t. You wanted to assert that he was a 1C which I rebuffed with stats seasonal and career. I gave you an example of a similar player who has played in the league 12 seasons and the response is he was carried by the best team. You say he is very clearly elite defensively but he hasn’t won a selke, didn’t even get votes this year but he plays on the pk. Then the good old near a ppg play, he is a career .6 ppg player. My standards for elite, yeah they are high that’s why it is called elite. Elite is best of the best, top 5 if you think that’s to high I encourage you to get a thesaurus and find a new word to use when you actually mean good.</div></div>

4th time now you failed again to argue my point about his contract, so yeah im done with argument, this is my last reply. You cannot argue with someone whos incapable of admitting hes wrong in any way shape or form. Hope you find a way to deal with that insecurity of yours!
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xqb15a</b></div><div>Instead of calling you stupid I called you kid. Has he ever scored 30 goals. No. What’s his career scoring average .63 which equates to 52pts a season. He’ll be 27 at the start of the season so he isn’t all the sudden going to be churning out 82 pt seasons or ppg. You want to know who has a similar career point production Kadri at 0.64 ppg. A 27 yr old let’s be generous 65 pt guy doesn’t net you a 20yr dman that proved as a 19 yr old he could play in a cup contender stop 4 and is the best defensive prospect in the league. And as for your ascertion that he is elite defensively please he’s very good but he isn’t elite. Get real.</div></div>

Buddy he had 29 in 70 games 2 seasons ago so again you're wrong. If you extrapolate that season he easily breaks 30 goals in that 82 games, he was nearly ppg this year so again that's very good.

You know why Kadri isn't a good comparable, he plays on the best team in the league, he gets carried to like a million powerplay points by that insane Avs powerplay, he's signed for 1 more year and then hes a UFA. Lindholm is signed for 3 more years at less than 5 million in a FLAT CAP WORLD, you've made 3 replies and you've failed to address that point 3 times now so clearly you can't argue it because you know im right about how valuable a contract like that is.

He's very clearly elite defensively, the guy plays PK and got selke votes lmao what else you want him to do turn into Datsyuk? Like either your bar for elite is wayyyyy too high or again you're talking out your ass. Given the market, the contract, the near ppg pace he can play at, the defensive prowess he possess, and that hes a center whos very good at winning faceoffs, yes he's worth Byram, Newhook, or Timmins. If one of those 3 is not in the deal then take your horrible trade offers somewhere else cause we have no interest in moving him.

Also calling me stupid or calling me kid doesn't help your arguments, when you start insulting the other person in a hockey argument it shows you're way too insecure to debate like a normal person.