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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NHLfan10506</b></div><div>Blackwood - No one doubts his talent. The skills are there to be a good, regular starter in NHL (maybe even top-10 starter). His maturity level is what holds him back. He came into last season unprepared. He covered up an injury that cost us games, and eventually costed us Wedgement to waivers as we kept MackBlack on roster when he should have been on IR….and thus ended up in GM’s doghouse. All probably correctable things, but we will know this year.

Roster / Lines - Siegenthaler will likely get top-pair minutes (won’t be a scratch). Bratt and Hughes are normally split up. Haula probably goes to 3C, Mercer to 1RW. And if we had signed Gaudreau, we would not have signed Palat.

Gaudreau - Hughes - Mercer
Sharangovich - Hischier - Bratt
Holtz - Haula - Zetterlund
Wood - McLeod - Bastian

Siegenthaler - Severson
Graves - Hamilton
Walsh/Okhotiuk - Marino


Bench: Johnsson, Tatar, Smith</div></div>

I put Smith in the roster of Siegenthaler because he's better on the PK, and better as a 3rd pairing dman. The lack of defense first guys on the team is most likely a significant reason your goalies are drowning.

Holtz gets top 6 minutes over Sharangovich imo and Bratt and Zetterlund are both left wings afaik.

Also isn't Nemec basically confirmed to be on the roster?

I'd counter with this:

Gaudreau - Hughes - Mercer
Bratt - Hischier - Holtz
Zetterlund - Haula - Sharangovich
Wood - McLeod - Bastian

Graves - Hamilton
Marino - Severson
Siegenthaler - Nemec


Bench: Johnsson, Tatar, Smith
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Richard88</b></div><div>Kravtsov's top 10 pick shine still hasn't worn off but it will in due time.

Stylistically Kaut would be a nice fit for their bottom 6, as he plays the same way a few of their other forwards do. Heavy on the boards, but having skill to finish and pass. So yeah I think this trade would be decent for both sides.

Fwiw I could also see the Avs taking a flyer on Gauthier if he's waiver or available by trade. He's a bit one dimensional offensively but that was said about Nichushkin too (actually JG's move to cut to the net is pretty similar to Nichushkin's), but Nuke is a lot better off the puck.</div></div>

Um the hype around Kravtsov atm has very little to do with his draft position, all the drama with Drury definitely wore out the "top 10 pick shine." In his first 20 games, while he had some troubles adapting to the game, he didn't look too out of place playing big minutes with the Rangers, and showed some pretty great talent. Then, after having a bit of an argument with Drury, he went back to Russia where he put up pretty great numbers, especially in the playoffs.

You talk of draft spots, but simply put Kravtsov is a higher caliber prospect. I've been a Kaut believer for years now, I liked him when he was drafted, I like his gritty style of play and his skating, he has some tools that would indicate he could take a roster spot this year, maybe there's even top 6 upside there. But Kravtsov is someone who could potentially jump into the Rangers top 6 out of camp, someone who should already be penciled into a roster spot, and he has a ton of potential that I just don't see as much with Kaut.

Also, with the Avs, they already have Rantanen, Nichuskin, Lekhonen, and prospects like Olausson and of course Kaut, so there really isn't that much need for someone like Kravtsov. I feel like there's a lot more need for someone like Kaut in the Avs system.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>xercuses</b></div><div>Yea i missed that part due to you commenting on chuck fletcher so ya know
but my points still stand perfectly well
Also sure they may not need wings but the great thing about this trade is det gets rid of wingers for one who is better atm
Coop will be playin center for the foreseeable future btw not wing

And You commenting its unnecessary is just dumb, technically that every trade in the history of the nhl. but idk if you know this but teams make trades to improve and this helps improve both teams alot, there is literally no good reason for either to not make this trade</div></div>

"Coop" will probably be playing wing by 2023-24 or 24-25, when Kasper takes the 2C spot. He's much more of a winger, and wouldn't be properly utilized as a 3C. Just another reason why this trade is dumb for the Red Wings. Either Zadina breaks out and fills the top 6 RW spot once Perron leaves or Copp shifts over when Kasper comes into his own, after all Copp played his best hockey on the RW with the Rangers. In the event where neither of those options work out, there are better options on the market than Konecny. I don't see why the Red Wings would trade away 2 top 9 wingers, one of them a former 6th overall pick who still has a high ceiling, for a 2nd line winger when they already have Perron, Raymond, and the aforementioned Zadina, plus like three or four other high caliber prospects/players who can play in that spot. It just feels like a waste, when there are so many more important areas where we can improve, especially defense. I'd much rather use these pieces in a trade for someone like Chychrun or Girard
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