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<strong>NOTICE: Update on AAV and Term Weights</strong>

I noticed the model was not optimizing the bids as planned and have made slight adjustments that were initially thought to have been in place.

Average Term = C3
Average AAV = B3

If Average AAV = Average Term, the weights are equal (0.500 each)

If Average AAV &gt; Average Term, the Term Weight is 1 - (Average Term / Average AAV).

If Average AAV &lt; Average Term, the Term Weight is 1 - (Average AAV / Average Term)

The AAV Weight is always the difference between 1.000 and the Term Weight

<strong>Please recall the previous announcement about the new UFA Structure:</strong>

The top-three offers would then be entered into a lottery draw - with their percentage of the total share of points equaling their chances of winning that player. Team A would have a 37% chance, Team B 32% chance, Team C 31% chance. The 5% and 10% bonus for home teams still apply in the initial calculations. <strong>New: In the event of a tie for third place, we will include the 4th best team and expand the lottery to the top-4, rather than having a coin flip decide the final 3rd place team and then draw the top-3</strong>

Negotiation Points:
Each team will have 7 “negotiation points” that can be allocated to their offers equal to the number of years of their offer. These points will be added to the final point total of the offer. If my offer for Nikita Kucherov is $8.000 M x 4 years for a total of 25 points, I can offer up to 4 negotiation points that increases my final point total from 25 to 29 (25 + 4). The amount of negotiation points offered cannot exceed the term offered for that specific player ---&gt; 4 year deal = max of 4 negotiation points. . Teams can allocate their points as they wish, however, once they are used they are gone, regardless of if the player is awarded to that team. They can be spent on one player on a 7 year deal or multiple players as long as they do not exceed 7 points used. This element allows for some human aspects to teams - “more playing time, better lifestyle, etc.” during negotiations. Basically all aspects of IRL that we cannot be accounted for or influenced in our offers will be through negotiation points.

Consult the new thread here for more information: https://www.capfriendly.com/forums/thread/486005
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