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20 déc 2019
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My goal for the year as this: Youth improvement and Reviving Veterans.

Greenway, Fiala, Kaprizov, Ek, Addison (maybe), Rossi (maybe), and Kakhonen (although in backup role) all will need to step up if we are to move forward as a franchise. I think Rossi will make the team, but they may want him to develop another year in Switzerland. Addison is unlikely to make the team but I would still love to see him fight for a spot.

As for the veterans, they know their roles. Bonino, Johansson, and Bjugstad were all brought in to shake things up while still providing players who, when healthy and at top form, can play really well. The key is "when healthy and at top form." What players are we getting? Only time will tell. All players know that, with one year left, this is their opportunity to showcase that they're worthy assets to a team.

If both those two things happen, we'll be fine. But here's where I see us:

Offense: Average. This can change quickly if Kaprizov clicks right away and Fiala picked up where he left off. But we'll have to wait and see on that. If they aren't able to carry the load offensively, we'll have a hard time competing.

Defense: Elite. I'm biased but we are elite defensively. Good in our own zone, good with puck movement, I could sing our praises all day...the only (and biggest) question is...

Goaltending: ? That's right. I have no clue. What Cam Talbot are we getting? I hope to God it's the pre-2018 Talbot. If it's post-2018 Talbot, may God have mercy on our souls...

Anyways, my prediction is that we finish 6th in the Division. I hope I'm wrong but that's how I feel.