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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RazWild</b></div><div>One <strong>major</strong> problem. Risto's value is nowhere close to comparable to Brodin's. Risto has struggled the last couple of years and is bottlenecked by those younger than himself who are quickly passing him by and has done nothing to prevent it...

His ceiling is a #4 2nd pairing defenseman. Meanwhile, Dumba whom the Wild still currently have, also a RHS RD, is considered to be a better player even despite the horrendous season he just had. His ceiling is a full top 4. He can at least play on the top line.

Brodin, on the other had is one of the most underrated defensive defenseman in the league. What he does doesn't pop out on a stat sheet, but has to be seen to believe. His skating is by far the best on the Wild. It's not above average, it's elite. Great passing, phenomenal positioning, and oh yeah, he has a talent to make those he plays with better.

He's a top 3 defenseman. He's only stuck on the 2nd pairing because of Suter and Spurgeon. He's a top line guy.

So, in short, that is nowhere near enough. Keep in mind either Brodin or Dumba is getting moved for a top six center. They have that kind of value. The only way or reason I could see us trading for Ristolainen is if we moved Dumba prior to get us that center. At which point, we're not giving up Brodin.

However, I will say this. That's probably fair value for Kunin. Just keep in mind it's still going to take an overpayment due the fact he's one of only two RHS's on Minnesota's entire roster, still has plenty of upside, and has future captain material written all over him.

Just saying.</div></div>

I'm going to build off of this. Dom Luszczyszyn of the Athletic calculated each player's GSVA from this season and our 3rd pairing D-man Brad Hunt had a better GSVA than Risto. 0.74 over 0.62. Rasmus can put up some points but he's a liability defensively. Which would be kind of a big deal on a team like ours where we don't get great goaltending.
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