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Soup for Vezina
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17 oct. 2020
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hammerwise</b></div><div>Not bad,

the NASH trade is interesting and could work.
the LA trade is at least value from TOR, a high prospect, a 1st, a midlevel prospect, a quality 3rd pairing RD maybe a tad too much? But at least its too much from TOR for a change

I doubt DET wants UFA to be Engvall and certainly not for a 5th. Engvall is an good 4th liner, but hes going to be a 27 yr old UFA, looking for 1.25mil or more, I just dont think to a non playoff team he has value

Mayfield is a cheap RD signed for peanuts for 2 years and I think he has more value (Biega has none, a 6th rounder a yr away adds nothing and I think its a higher prospect or a 3rd rounder)</div></div>

I wasn't too sure on what would be the best swap for Kempe, but I knew that LA has been on the lookout for a RD, and Holl can be expendable(ish). Maybe take away one of the prospects (Abramov most likely bc SDA got way more value than Abramov) and the deal would be just right?

As for engvall, I only got DET in there because they have cap. I don't necessarily think TOR will trade Engvall to a team within their division, especially when they're on the bubble for making the playoffs. Just wasn't sure which team would be the best fit. Either way, worst comes to worst, you can just send Engvall to the minors, and hope he doesn't get claimed. But, I'd rather trade him if you plan on taking him out of the lineup because if someone does claim him, we then lose him for nothing.

On Mayfield, well... he's reliable, something Justin Holl isn't. Lily has looked good with Muzzin, which has made Muzzin more confident when out there on the ice. Muzzin seemed to be doing most of the work when playing with Holl, which probably explains Muzzins lack of performance as he's pretty much burnt out. Lily allows Muzzin to relax a little, which I think creates a perfect 2nd pair behind Rielly and Brodie. With Mayfield though, he's a very good shutdown guy, and maybe having him paired with Sandin would benefit Sandin's game. From what I seen, Sandin is smart, and loves moving the puck, and both him and Lily on the 3rd pair are terrific together. Having Mayfield in the lineup can give you much-needed flexibility on how to create your lineup, as you can make your 2nd pair a strict shutdown pair with Muzz and Mayfield, or balance all three lines, like this:

Idea 1 - 2nd Pair Shutdown

Rielly - Brodie
Muzzin - Mayfield
Sandin - Liljegren

Idea 2 - Balanced

Rielly - Brodie
Muzzin - Liljegren
Sandin - Mayfield
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