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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RipNasty</b></div><div>Or it won't cost a 1st at all. Because once again, he's actually a decent goalie <strong>when healthy</strong>. Unlike Mrazek who is trash. Maybe it will cost a 5th to move him and that's it.</div></div>

Just gonna highlight the reason why it's going to be hard for Toronto to unload Murray - this is the 4th straight year he's played less than 40 games. During that time, his best single-season SV% is .906 with last year's Sens and his best GAA is 2.87 with the 2019-20 Penguins. At this point in his career, he can't be trusted on to be much more than a 1B, if not a straight up backup - and not a ton of teams are going to be lining up to spend $4.7M in cap space on a backup.

And to your earlier point about the UFA goalie crop being thin this summer, not only will I echo what <a href="/users/GiggyWithGibby" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@GiggyWithGibby</a> said about the amount of goalies that are available this summer with comparable/better numbers, but will also add the fact that there's not a ton of teams that are going to be proactively looking for a goalie. The only current playoff teams I can see that are losing a goalie who played 30+ games this year are Seattle, Los Angeles, and Carolina. Seattle probably doesn't plan on replacing Martin Jones with Grubauer &amp; Driedger signed for next year; LA probably brings back Korpisalo based on his acquisition cost at the deadline; and Carolina will basically be able to have their pick of guys like Andersen, Raanta, Varlamov, Cam Talbot, &amp; Tristan Jarry as guys with better recent track records than Murray.

And focusing on the Mrazek deal as "costing a 1st" misses the fact that Toronto received back an early 2nd in the deal, too - the difference in value between the picks is equal to a late 2nd/early 3rd on its own. So maybe you just pack up Murray with that 3rd rounder that Ottawa sent along with him and get someone to eat that cap hit; but I can't see it costing much less than that at this point - especially considering that he's got a little bit of control over his destination.
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