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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>Wait so you think waiting to fire MB til after he re-signed Petry, Gally and brought in Dvorak was what hurt us over injuries alone?
Given that 2/3 listed are part of that Injury core your referenced i dont see how not re-signing them if MB is fired doesnt solve your problem.
Hughes wouldnt have re-signed those guys to an overpaid contract with term given how beat up they were after the SCF run.
So by Removing MB like i said , Problem solved.

Injuries also would have been remedied without MB a lot quicker too.
Hughes after his first season in charge fired the Medical Staff and updated it when he realized the trend.
Bringing him in earlier makes that happen earlier.

Injuries were after all in large part avoidable and stupid.
Letting Cole go out after seperating his shoulder or Monahan take off his cast to play games then help put it back on.
There's the special glove they made for Petry so he could play after he busted his hand and letting Weber come off LTIR to join our playoff run.
Letting Carey Price go back out injured to play his final games in search of a win. (i think it was 3rd last vs OTT 2nd period he hurt his knee, stayed in anyways and for 2 more final NHL games)
The list goes on and the doctors are to blame especially that old F*** Dr Mulder they didnt fire cause he'd likely have a heart attack and die from the shock cause he's like 80(been with the habs more then half his life but i digress)

I was a MB guy too until he fumbled KK after giving away Sergachev.
When he he traded Dvorak to replace KK i was done</div></div>

Mb was good at some things and bad at others.. He struggled with development and signing players was not a strength either and drafting wasnt as bad as people think.. only 1.3 players drafted from 20 -32 become top 6 forwards or top 4 def or starting goalies... and during his years he picked mostly there.... and when we did ppick high it ended up being a ****ty draft like the glachenyuk one and then he made that mistake with KK. However they did draft Roy and Farrell and sergechev and caufield and Harvey and harris and many others...kidney etc
I hated what he did with markov but when they went to the final you could see what he was trying to do with the big def and carey and it worked... but then the career ending injuries ended that dream..I like hughes and Gorton better but if you look at some of the Gms before Berg you will see he was much better the those guys like Houle etc
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