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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ihopeigetit</b></div><div>So... if you look above; its ostlund, a mid 1st, likely an early-mid 2nd in a deep draft, and olo - could maybe make the 2nd a 1st if olo doesn't re-sign w/ the blues

If you are going to argue at least dont neglect key facts about what you're arguing about. The above is arguably an overpay regardless. Ostlund was considered top 1-2 centres from Europe this draft</div></div>

Ok So I didn't see the entire offer but it still not enough for the blues to move Kyrou. He's a 23 year old player coming a PPG season who the blues have no intention of moving. IF you really want Kyrou your going to have to offer something ridiculous for them to even consider it. Kyrou would have been on the table for Matthew Tkachuk and that's the type of player the blues would trade him for, obviously they would have to add in that situation. The thing is that the blues have no reason or indication to moving him so Kyrou's value to them is a lot higher that most would deem reasonable. Also take into consideration that the blues are competing right now. Your offer does nothing to help them compete this year and instead makes them worse. If the blues do sell off they would trade Tarasenko/Barbashev well before they trade Kyrou as he is young enough to retool around. Your offer isn't appealing to the blues considering the blues want to compete. Also Ostlund is in the B tier of prospects. He is good but everyone has prospects like him
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