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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Campabee</b></div><div>Because value wise it wouldn't be turned down by even the dumbest of GM's. They wouldn't pass on overpayment even if the fit is not there. I think you should look at what Viqsi said about going after wingers before you say again that the Jackets don't want wingers lol. At least get on the same page about what your needs are lol</div></div>

You would have 3 chances to get an impact player that fits the team needs by trading pick 12 for picks 26 and 36. Instead of 6 &amp; 12 you would have 6, 26 &amp; 36. Gives a chance to draft an extra C or extra RD and since most analysts say between picks 10-30 are interchangeable, I really don't see how first the VALUE is off and secondly, how the FIT is off.

To put this in perspective, Bobby Mac has Pavel Mintyukov (LD) going 12th, Lian Bichsel (LD) going 26th and Calle Odelius (LD) going 36th. There are no RD ranked between 6 - 25 and only 2 C prospects between 11 - 22. Trading back to 26 you still get a shot at Nathan Gauche (C) at rank 28, Sam Rinzel (RD) ranked 31 and Tristan Lunneau( RD) ranked 32 on top of adding pick 36 which gives the CBJ a shot at Owen Beck (C) rank 33, Jack Hughes (C) rank 35 and, Mattias Hävelid (RD) at rank 38.

So your moot point of " CBJ want quality over quantity" is invalid. It absolutely is quality considering the CBJ needs that you stated are Centers and RD. Literally still give you a shot at the best available RD while giving you an addition shot at either another RD or C (which btw would gives the team another shot to hit a home run and get a player who will be impactful in the NHL). It's a huge overpay by MTL and JK would be insane to turn it down. MTL only wants to do this anyway to get inside the top 10 to make a splash as the draft is held in MTL this year.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Shanesaw9</b></div><div>I agree with your idea of putting Dubois at LW with Suzuki and Caufield, he would be a great fit. He and Suzuki could share faceoff duties which would be a nice bonus.

The trade is probably a fair offer but not enough for the Jets to do considering they just gave up Laine and Roslovic for Dubois. I think they would want Dvorak if they are trading a C, and MTL would probably be open to that to shed salary (Dubois will want more than he is given here, probably 8 yrs x $8M).

So maybe:
- RW Josh Anderson (5 yrs x $5.5M)
- C Christian Dvorak (3 yrs × $4.45M)
- CGY 2022 1st Round Pick (26th)

- C/LW Pierre-Luc Dubois (8 yrs × $8M)

Jets fans would still probably say no, but that's wild considering the player they are trading is now demanding out of another organization and is 2 years from being a UFA.

For MTL, while it would be nice to have Dubois locked up long term... is the time really right? MTL could likely get a 1st for Anderson and a 1st for Dvorak in seperate deals and keep the CGY 1st. Maybe they sign Dubois as a UFA in two years? Or another UFA?</div></div>

I think I would try and trade Petry for a late 1st this year or a 2023 1st and try and flip that along with Dvorak and Poehling/Pitlick to get Dubois. Kevin Fiala is worth more then Dubois IMO and he fetched the 19th in the 2022 draft and Faber (a 2nd round pick in 2020). WPG would be getting a 1st, Dvorak (which could be traded for a 1st) essentially another 1st, and Poehling/Pitlick for an unsigned PLD who may not even want to stay in MTL long term either (we don't know he might just want to go be an anon in like Flordia).

Everyone out here making MTL players and picks worthless while saying PLD costs 3 x 1st +++..................................