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Forum: Armchair-GM9 nov. à 17 h 2
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Kravtsov_Stan</b></div><div>I like this idea but had a few places where I disagree

Ok starting with way above expectations, is Fox's start really been that far above expectations? Like he's been amazing but given what we've already seen from him is it really that surprising? Same with Shesterkin like is this really shocking? Other than that I think it looks good, I'd probably have Laf in above instead of way above just bc his production hasnt been great but I can see the arguement

Next in above expectations have we watched a different Lindgren? If anything I think he has been subtly falling bellow expectations but at the most he is probably meeting expectations right now. Miller is simmilar to Laf where I'd probably have him slightly lower but can see the argument for him being there. Other than that looks good

In meeting expectations I agree except for Chytil and Schneider. Chytil being above expectations and Schneider slightly below. Definetly room for debate but that's where id have them

Now everyone else looks good except for Kreider. I know that top line hasn't been fantastic 5v5 but Kreider still has 9 goals in 12 games. I dont care what he does 5v5 if he can score at a 60 goal pace and play well defensively? Thats fantastic I'd say he's probably above expectations at this stage</div></div>

I like your points and i can definetly agree with some of them. I believe with lindgren, he does his job to a tee and when he didn't play we looked less organized on D. Just my personal opinion
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