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4 juill. 2020
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Timtim</b></div><div>Thanks for your feedback.

FLA couldn’t afford Miller for Lundell one for one. They have less than 60k in cap space. If they would like to add going into the playoffs, they would need to find a team to take on 5+ M in cap space. Maybe someone would take a 4th line winger making 5.3 with term. Historically teams have to give up a first to make that happen. = Lundell(-)

Also, consider FLA’s window. In 2 years, when Miller’s deal expires, so will Huberdeau, Weeger and Knight, who will all be due some raises. These next two years are massive for FLA to compete with TB.</div></div>

Dumping Hornqvist won't cost anything as he is still good for 20 goals and 50 points. Heck, he had only a goal less than Miller last year even though he played 9 fewer games. He is only a 4th liner thanks to Florida's depth.
This season, Hornqvist has as many or more points as Pearson and Hoglander, and they play in the Nucks' top6. Let's not kid ourselves and say he is an asset of negative value

Also, the Panthers are in a good position in terms of keeping Huby, Weegar, and Knight as all of their buyout penalties basically get wiped out that summer, and the cap is set to go up a few million by then. They can also reasonably buyout Bob to make more room. Trying to force contending for 2 years when you could do it for, like, 10 with the help of Lundell, seems foolish to me.

They are also very strong at forward, acquiring Miller wouldn't really do anything for them
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