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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dca919</b></div><div>I just don't like the roster construction at would weigh down a rebuild for a couple more years.

1) Your contracts are off. Evolving Hockey projects Mantha 4 yrs x $6.7M &amp; Lil 'Bert 4 yrs @ $5.4M. Fabbri 2 yrs @2.5M. You have Mantha 5 x$7.04M, 'lil bert 5 yrs @5.25M, Fabbri 2yrs @3.25M. I tend to think these players will sign bridge deals in the hopes that 2 years from now the NHL is in better economically with a new team and US TV deal.
2)Perlini will not be re-signed. The Wings gave him every chance to step up and he just didn't.
3)The Wings don't want Ladd's contract for his 35, 36, and 37 year old seasons @5.5M. Better cap dumps are available that will help the Wings more. Pelech is a #4 defensive d-man that is important to the PK. NYI uses him with Pulock because Pulock likes to jump, but Pelech is a #4 d-man with very limited offensive upside. He is a classic 2nd pairing guy. NYI fans are completely overrating him.
4) Turris for Nielsen is the classic 2 guys need a change of scenery....I'm just not sure that particular trade would fly.
5) Stevie is working on Zadina and Veleno <strong>starting</strong> in the Czech league and playing for Zadina's father's team then being able to transfer back to the Wings before December. So the Czech team would have them in Sep, Oct, and Nov---not them playing there all year.
6) No way either player on Tampa waives their NTC's to come to Detroit (Gourde or Johnson). Beyond that Yzerman has made it known he doesn't want to take on bad contracts that linger into the point at which Detroit expects to be competitive. Another point is Johnson is in decline and on the wrong side of 30 and Gourde is a bottom 6 player on Tampa--not exact what you want with 4 and 5 years left on 5M+ contracts.
7) Detroit's team is going to depend on if the AHL operates or not. If so then you might see a few moves. If not, then players must be developed even if they get little ice time in Detroit.
8) Did I miss who gets drafted at #4?</div></div>

I’m thinking pay em now while u have money and get possible better deals down the road when the team is good.
I have left room to make sign these young guys. Fully understand he did say he’s doesn’t want anything lingering around but you may as well take advantage of at least 1 bad contract with the amount of money we technically have if we are just, growing. Ya waiving any kind of NTC to go to DET sounds like a bad time unless you have always wanted to play there, and your favorite player is Stevie Y. Players realize there on the outs.
Lol Perlini, I don’t why I sign him but I do. He’s like the new lashoff, turgeon, terry, puempel haha.
#4th pick... no idea man, really don’t know where to go, id almost rather trade the pick or just take Drysdale and sacrifice the forwards available. Way easier than trading for a Pelech type(hope mcisaac is that good). That was my next Wings one I was gunna do, picking drysdale and doing not much lol. I wish the league would be more active, but then it’d feel like basketball or baseball.
Ya Turris Nielsen is iffy, an idea but ya... all of this very unlikely! Lol
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