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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>villenash</b></div><div>Well NSH’s 3rd line of Trenin - Sissons - Jeannot is designed more like a 4th line (they’re just so effective that they get more minutes)— so I don’t think they need to go out and get a prototypical 4th line center. They need a guy that can produce offensively and work more as another scoring line. Tomasino should not be playing a 4th line role - that line should be a scoring line with more offensive zone draws. Novak has been fine there so far, and Glass is the option next season most likely. I wouldn’t mind an upgrade though if they want to add. Maybe someone like Brassard who shouldn’t cost more than a 3rd. As for NSH’s two biggest holes on this team, I would say a center for the Tomasino line and a top 6 winger. I’m not really sure how an 8th defenseman can be a hole on any team… and NSH has Farrance and Davies who can play if needed anyway.</div></div>

In my opinion Preds isn't really typical team. They have only one "all offensive" line of Forsberg-Granlund-Duchene. And they plays like typical top line. Top minutes, goals, creative plays.
2nd line of Tolvanen-Johansen-Kunin, 2 wingers, that hits everything, and also have an ability to score goals; center - big, with good FOW% and abilities to make effective plays.
*This line someone in between Herd and 1st line.
3rd line - Herd line. Hardworking forwards, absolute monsters. Every player of this line - in top 100 of the league in hits.
1st line plays top minutes, when 2nd and 3rd plays +/- same amount of time.
And then Preds have +/- same minutes (even a little bit less) for the 4 line.
4th line... What are they? They are enough skillful to play top 6 minutes? - No. They are hardworking horses like Herd line? - No.
Tomasino is good. He can play top 6 role, but in such construction of the team, we are have only 1 real top 6 line.
Cousins - good example of the player, who can play less minutes and still be very effective. He often earns the PP minutes for the team.
Novak - good, but he hasn't something special, everything so mediocre. And his play at faceoff circle is too bad.
Likely he is such type of players, that plays more effective the more minutes they have. But Preds can't decrease the amount of minutes of another lines.

That's why I think, that McLeod is perfect fit for the Preds.
He reminds me Mr.Sissons. Such type of players will be effective, even if they will play top6 minutes, and they are so effective in playoffs.
When Tomasino find himself as the real top6 player likely he will move Kunin from his spot, so we don't need to care about creativity level(offensive mind) of his current center.
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