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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>icehawk2006</b></div><div>I’m sorry. You reference PK Subban, then go on to talk about Burns. PK is the perfect example but, around the league, Burns is, and always has been, viewed as substantially better in all respects than Subban.

I’m not sure you understand “name recognition”. While we as fans look at numbers we have and may rightfully say he’s done, I can guarantee you NHL GMs use their own set of internal metrics to assess a player. Most, if not all, GMs around the NHL still view Burns, even with his advanced age, as a substantial piece to add to their roster. The small retainment of salary above is to 1) Facilitate a slightly better return 2) Make the deal work under a constrained cap situation.

I don’t think you understand the dynamics in the league, and how specifically owners manage their salary. They aren’t going to tank their product just to trim salary because the distinct possibility is they will lose enough ticket sales revenue to overcome any gains. The matter of fact is half of the money owed in the contract will already be paid out by the time he hits Florida. So adding what the league still assesses to be a quality D-man for pretty low salary, is a definite possibility for Florida. Plus, the way his contract is structured, he’s a very easy buyout before the last two years of his deal.</div></div>


-everyone here has disagreed with you on both trades...they’re not good.
-you’re sitting here talking like you’ve got some sort of world altering inside information, but you don’t...you can try to justify why you think this works all day if you want, but the fact of the matter is, Florida ain’t adding salary, and Toronto isn’t trading a 24 year old coming off his best season, for whatever the heck you want to describe the last 5 years of Burns contract as. He may pass your special “name recognition” test, but people aren’t stupid.
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