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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Leafboy101</b></div><div>-Josi I agree
-kopitar and doughty are equal so it’s either or whatever your feeling
-Scheifele is only good because of wheeler
-Without Andersen leafs are screwed cause we have no defence and we have a lot of guys producing on offence
-Brazal I can agree he has stepped it up and islanders do also have griess who has done well
-hall is injured and has been for months now so palmeri who has actually played is better, hell blackwood could be the damn mvp of that team
-same as kopitar and doughty you chose who you want they are equal and tbh avalanche only really and truly have 1 line
-OEL, Keller or even kuemper who has been on his head half the time
-burns leads league in points for a d man and has been able to defend well and he hasn’t been injured unlike karlsson who’s been down twice and done till playoffs
-stone just got there and none of the players on Vegas have done what they did last season and flower leads the league wins for goalies and shutouts if I’m not mistaken
-markstrom is holding his injured team of canucks in a playoff spot
-I can agree to say ROR is the mvp of the team but if he wasn’t doing what he’s doing the team has Allen as the goalie and he sucks he makes some players look like better goalies some nights
Thanks for reading this and loving my info have a great night pal</div></div>

I just have to point out that no, Burns is the defensive liability. Karlsson is very good in his own end, his possession numbers are out of this world. Also Markström is actually very good this year, and I commend you for giving him credit, but EP has taken that team from possibly worst in the league to playoff-aspirator. Fleury might lead the league in wins, but also in starts. I don't really think I have to make any educated arguments about how wins doesn't say a lot about a goalie. I agree with you on Andersen, and honestly regarding Wheeler/Scheifele too, with an asterisk.

*Scheifele is still v good but Wheeler drives play like crazy