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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ChiHawk</b></div><div>Medically, objectively, there is no telling how he will do. I know, because I had the surgery years ago and know many people who have....outcomes are all over the map. Everyone does well the first year mostly; the success rates diminish over time. Vegas was taking it's chances just as any team would that would have acquired him, but the price for Eichel was low as such. Nobody wants to take on $10M per year for 4 years, then a UFA, and not know if he's going to play all 4 years thus his price was low as such.

Cat has at least the value Eichel got and probably slightly more. If both players are healthy, Eichel would be worth more of course, but the point is, he didn't get top 5 player value because of his unknown prognosis...which will be a risk for every year of his contract.

You are WAY undervaluing the impact his surgery, request for a trade mid season, the fact that mid season very few teams can squeeze in $10M, and his UFA status had on his value. You simply aren't understanding that if he was like Cat...meaning....24 years old, a $6M cap hit for another year, a RFA after that, no injury history, and no dispute with his team, Eichel would have got at least another top prospect if not more.</div></div>

I’m not doubting that at all. Another top prospect is not “at least double if not more” of what they got for him. either way like I’ve said 10 times now the trade value for debrincat is very close if its off its by a very small margin anyways. But not nearly enough to argue about at this point but the pieces might not be exactly right for Chicago but the value is close.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Garak</b></div><div>No dude. Eichel out right asked for a trade they were not on good terms and were forced to trade him, significantly reducing their trade leverage. Also, he has a $10mil contract that he was not really playing up to. Eichel, in my opinion, is probably the most overrated player in the NHL. Cat is easily worth more than him. Also, WPG has publicly stated that they are not rebuilding and they are going to retool over the summer and try to be the contender that everyone thought they would be this year. If they are planning on being better next year, then they aren't planning on being in the lottery. They can put top 10 protection on the pick if it makes them feel better, but in that scenario they are trading a pick that they are banking on being a mid to late round 1st, which is worth significantly less than a lottery pick. Rashevsky is playing fine hockey in the KHL but he is a Russian, which significantly reduces his value due to Russia committing genocide in Ukraine right now. To top that off you want Muprhy too?

CHI is rebuilding and has no interest in players like Pionk who is expensive and is going to be even more expensive in 2 years, when we already have Jones on the right side. And as far as Heinola goes, he is a fine LHD prospect, but CHI already has a logjam of LHD prospects half of which have more upside than Heinola at this point. What CHI needs is high end center and RHD prospects. Perfetti and two mid to late 1st round picks is barely enough for a 25 year old 40 goal scorer superstar on an affordable contract with RFA status after next season that is knocking on the door of being considered an ELITE player in the NHL.

Would you trade Connor or Dubois for that package? I highly doubt it. And if you would, no offense but WPG should be glad you aren't their GM. haha.</div></div>

The biggest difference here is contracts and Winnipeg not being in a rebuild like Chicago desperately needs. Connor is signed long term which brings his value way up from the Cat as he’s probably going to command somewhere around 9-10 million a year not many teams that would want him can fit him under the cap if the jets were rebuilding a A+B prospect a top 4 defenceman and a 1st overall pick is a good start now maybe you need a different roster player if pionk isn’t needed but the value is totally there. The exact players might not be a good fit but you’re not getting an A+ prospect plus two firsts. If Debrincat isn’t available that’s fine I wouldn’t want to trade him as a Chicago fan either but these teams aren’t real.