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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DefenseFirst</b></div><div>Hes better at playing hockey.

I’ll gladly say it again. Not sure what’s confusing you. Jake Debrusk (why are you trying to make JDB a thing?) is better at hockey than Patrick Kane - full stop.

First off he’s a better skater, by a lot.
He’s better defensively.
At even strength he’s better offensively.
He’s a better goal scorer.
He’s a better forechecker.
He’s better in the neutral zone.
He’s better at winning puck battles.
He’s better around the net, specifically taking it to the net.
He’s better at most everything other than standing still on the powerplay and making admittedly really awesome passes.</div></div>

LMAO - JDB is a better skater than Kane? I guess you have never watched a game in Kane's career.
Defensively - sure that part I will give you
Goal scorer - this is absurd seeing as Kane has on account score more goals in a season that JDB has put up points
Forechecker - Kane has more takeaways the past 3 seasons and even this season its what 19-15 so this isn't really true to say Jake is better
Around the net - most teams like the player that takes it to the net scores or sets up a goal - I mean Ryan Reaves can take it to the net better than most in the NHL.

The fact I need to debate at all the comment that Jake Debrusk is better than Kane is mind blowing. I get that you are a bitter human by nature, but this is one is out there even for a homer Bruin fan. We will agree to disagree because by your standards Ryan O'Reilly is also clearly better than McDavid
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AC14</b></div><div>Perennial 25 point forward? If you were talking 3 seasons ago maybe. He’s most likely a 40-50 point forward. Nobody has ever claimed he’s a first liner. He’s a middle 6 forward that plays a heavy game and has a scoring touch at times.

If that’s what you’re viewing him as there’s no reason to discuss.

He’s a player that fits into almost any role you put him in at a very affordable cap hit.

Nobody here is asking for the value of a top 6 player for Barbashev. It’s pretty conceivable that the return is around a 2nd and a 3rd or two 2nds given him coming off a 60 point season while still having that flexibility.

The basis of the comment which I made was I would doubt you can sell anyone on Zboril being more than what he is now and Smith is a bottom 6 scoring forward who has no value to the Blues where they’re currently at. The prospects aren’t pieces that are main pieces to a deal. So what was thrown together to us is essentially a 3rd and a couple of mid range prospects. There’s no focal point to the trade.</div></div>

Why is everyone getting salty about asking what people think Barbeshevs worth is? It was a genuine question. I get players offer other intangibles outside of points etc. That also being said, its hard to say he is a 40-50 pt player forward when he has only produced those numbers once in 7 seasons. Its not to say its impossible, but if history is the teacher he has been at 25pts. I never implied that the above offer was sufficient for him, I was asking what the estimated offer would be for him. Granted he is a rental and players middle and bottom 6.

Only thing we should be using everyone's salt right now is for tequila. Not so long ago in the forums Canucks fans were screaming for multiple 1st rounds, elite prospects and a roster player for Bo - clearly that never happen, so the forums vs current economic worth can be a little off. Hence legitimately asking what his perceived value is.

I wouldn't say Zboril is nothing I mean he is coming off a torn ACL and the fact remains he will never jump Lindholm, Matty G or Forbert for that matter on LD. The reality of the situation is that the Bruins would be better to move a more expensive option out and let him play to get cap relief and that 4-6 D man.

So to be fair, you think Smith and a 2nd and a 3rd would work? As I would imagine the bruins would be content on something like that and perhaps a condition on the 3rd becoming a 2nd if he resigns?
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dutchies</b></div><div>The only caveat to the numbers is: Look at who Kane's playing with vs who he could be playing with if he was on the B's. If they could find a way to make a deal without including Debrusk, it would be deadly

Marchand - Bergeron - Kane
Debrusk - Krejci - Pasta
Hall - Coyle - Zacha

3 excellent scoring lines, with all 3 having at least 2 players that can play in their own end as well.

As a Leafs fan, I hope it never happens LOL</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DefenseFirst</b></div><div>What they have works, why make a significant change? Maybe kane doesn’t fit with marchand and bergeron.

Maybe debrusk doesn’t like going back to the left wing and doesn’t mesh well with Krejci.

Maybe shifting from frederic to zacha ruins the identity of that line.

They have 3 excellent scoring lines, and two of the lines can check like crazy, coincidentally its not the Czech line.

As a bruins fan, i hope it never happens.</div></div>

I will agree with Dutch on this one, its a bad trade due to cap, contract control and age. But Kane is still a very good hockey player - lets not be stupid on JDB is better. I mean Kane posted 92 pts last year, JDB will never post 92 points in a season ever no matter the age. Again this trade isn't about Jake being better, its a "no deal" because it doesn't make sense for the bruins to do this. If someone said you can move JDB for Kane and Kane will sign an extension for 1 more year to play with Bergeron and Krecji at $1.5 million...you are taking that trade as a win now.
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