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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mvp13</b></div><div>NYR already have another 1st round pick, making this different than the 2010s in my opinion. In addition, even if Nils or Krav find their way, Nils had no place on the NYR roster behind Fox, Trouba, and Schneider, all who will solidly be the RD for the next 5 years. Kravstov can essentially be replaced "long term" by Othman or Cuyle... it's not like Kravstov has been showing much of anything with his chances in the top 6, etc. Regarding Jones, he had a fair shot at being the LD with Schneider, and it didn't work. Schneider seems to work best with a big and heavy defenseman (Harpur this year, Braun last year). NYR should not pair a small skill defenseman with Schneider if they want the best out of him. The 3rd pair has been lights out since Harpur has been put in, even if that sounds extremely silly to say. This is why I view Jones as extremely expendable, as there's simply no room for him, and he is supposed to be "good". Might as well get something for him

I'm really not sure what the chemistry point is about... I don't think Kane has ever had a reputation or history of being a bad teammate. He's won 3 Cups and been on one team his whole career. Obviously this is a risk with any player you acquire, draft, etc. This is a moot point in my book, unless it's special cases like "confirmed" locker room problems

You don't think the team is improved 5 on 5 in the proposed lines...? I'm fairly astounded. You get a "real" top line right wing in Kane, and you move down your current top line player to the middle six as a result. I'm very confused how this doesn't improve 5 on 5 play, which is what NYR needs the most, and fairly obviously does... Kane has "bad" stats this year, but he's playing on arguably the worst team in the League, talent wise

The valid point is Kane won't be back, unless NYR move on from Chytil and Kane takes a very team friendly deal, or the cap improves more than expected. It's definitely intended to be a rental on my part. I view all the pieces being moved for Kane as expendable pieces that likely won't be around next year regardless. Whether they are moved for Kane, for other pieces, or simply not signed. Instead of getting a bunch of depth pieces like bogdown suggested, I would rather use our expendable pieces on one that'd really make a difference

I don't know what sport we are all watching, but NYR made the conference finals last year... the expectation has absolutely got to be to continue on that trajectory. The rebuild is over. There are still plenty of prospects and picks with these 3 pieces gone. I don't think NYR are awful status quo, but getting a "real" top line RW is really the only thing they need this TDL, and Kane is the absolute best choice right now, especially given the Panarin connection</div></div>

I think you’ve laid out a pretty decent framework for why you think this works, but I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one which is perfectly okay in my opinion.
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