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ranger and hartford wolfpack fan. been following the rangers since 1997 and the rangers minor league team since 2005.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sagecoll</b></div><div>lol

This is the hill you're going to try and die on?

Lias is totally adequate as a skater. He's no Athanasiou but then again, neither is Puljujarvi. I mean he's got enough speed to beat Chabot, Nico and Vatanen, I think he's fine...
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I wouldn't be too quick to use Puljujarvi's NHL production as an argument in his favor either...

JP has a grand total of 9 NHL points without contributions from Drai/McDavid or Nuge. That's in over 1700 mins in the NHL
Lias has a grand total of 9 NHL points, and not a single contributor to ANY of those points has ever had 60 NHL points lol. That's in less than 700 mins in the NHL.

But then again, at least Lias doesn't have a major back surgery in his history from worrying about...

Like these guys have said, it's even.</div></div>

if i can put my 2 cents into the hat here. i believe the rangers coaching staff problem with andersson was that he didn't play the came 'fast'. not his actual straight away speed.

is the value equal btwn jesse and lais? it got to be pretty close. if i was edmonton i wouldn't want to make the trade 1 for 1. they should be able to get the rangers to add a little to it. but nothing substancial.
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