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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Danny12357</b></div><div>What makes this funnier is that I was texting a friend about how this made no sense for Ottawa as it is, but even less when it's likely Dermott moves for similar value. I mean why not take a flier on a younger D man for half the money and hope for some upside. Then Vancouver reveals the master stroke of swapping Hamonic for Dermott at essentially no net cost, while also saving $1.5M on the cap next year.

It kind of reminds me of the deal where San Jose flipped Hoffman back to the east. Vancouver just made it very obvious how bad this deal was for Ottawa within minutes.</div></div>

Yeah, this is a weird one. Those of you who are suggesting that Ottawa would have been better off to trade the pick for Dermott instead of Hamonic are assuming that they had the opportunity to do that. I think GMs have their favourite trading partners and probably don’t call every other GM in the league before they make a deal. Dorion may not have known that Dermott was available for a mid-3rd-rounder.

A couple of other pieces of trivia around this that some of you might find mildly entertaining:

1) Vancouver got back their own 2022 third-round pick from Ottawa, but the pick they sent to Toronto isn’t the same 2022 third-round pick. It’s Winnipeg’s. Based on today’s standings, that would be exactly one pick after Vancouver’s, so if that holds, not only did Vancouver exchange Hamonic for Dermott, they also moved up one spot in the draft.

2) Both of these picks were traded for Nate Schmidt at different times. Vancouver traded their pick to Vegas to get Schmidt, then a year later flipped him to Winnipeg for their pick. Since these picks are going to be pretty close to equal, they got a year of Schmidt for nothing (other than his salary).
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