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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jakethesnake97</b></div><div>I don't know what your players are doing this year but I think Drouin could be phenomenal with McDavid &amp; Hyman</div></div>

No thanks.<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>Drouin is Ducharme's guy
Under Claude Julien Drouin struggled
But since entering Ducharme his formed Memorial Cup Coaches system he's 1/4 forwards thriving in it.

-Drouin,Hoffman,Suzuki and Dvorak found their place in his system.
-Toffoli is adjusting to a defensive role but will adjust in time IMO
-Anderson is doing ok but i think 4-5 of his Goals were empty net goals that meant very little (2 in one game in 60 seconds actually)
-Gallagher sadly hasnt found a spot and defensively is doing ok but he personally thrived in Claude's system stealing Radulov's #1 RW spot 3 weeks into CJ coaching return scoring 30 goals multiple times only under Claude Julien as Michel Therrien/Dom Ducharme use him as a shutdown Center.
-Armia without KK or Danault looks lost in this system. He'll get there in time i think but he might be on the move as 1/3 RW listed need to go soon as Ylonen's about read to leap frog Caufield
-Lehkonen's playing his best hockey in years its just to bad its only 3rd line level hockey. With Drouin,Hoffman and Toffoli infront of him he's gotta go so Pezetta can grow(we need a Pezetta agitator type)
-Evans is doing well enough to keep this year atleast
-Poehling is starting to show some form of consistency and might be worth molding into a 4th line Center who plays 2nd PP and PK
-Caufield is safe but NYR like developing their prospects and not waisting their Waiver Exempt days so i suspect Gorton builds a system similar in that regard to MTL
-Chiarot is playing better then any of our D but his time's up in MTL as he's a pending UFA we wont resign as Harris is turning Pro in 4 months as in Ghule plus Norlinder is already here with Romanov and Eddy
-Petry is likely to stay but if he wants out he could be traded but it would take him asking
-Savard is not what we needed, we were expecting a top4 D but he's a #5 D with Niku/Wideman sharing top 4 as he cant step up.(fine for a team that needs a #5 D(we needed a #3 settled on a #4 got a #5 D)
-Wideman wont return and likely to be traded at the TDL
-Niku we'll re-sign if possibly
-Allen is likely gone at the TDL even though he's played well i expect Goton to run Price/Primeau like he did Biron/Lunqvist, Lundqvist/Talbot/Raanta and Georgiev always going with Veteran and a 22-27 year old Goalie

I expect MTL to be sellers but i also expect Gorton to bring in a few prospects as well
NYR got a Lias Anderson situation happening with a Gorton guy as he was suspended for not reporting to AHL before returning to KHL where he's likely to stay until he's traded.
Chances are they're going to try to land him in hopes Romanov can help influence him as they grew up competing against each other and both entered the KHL at an early age taking their competition to the Pro level. I think Gorton offer's then a 3rd and Lehkonen at best as unlike Anderson who got a Late Late 2nd round pick Kravatsov has not proven himself on North American Ice just Olympic sized in Russia</div></div>
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