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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>backpacker10</b></div><div>Your response reminds me a lot of the Sens’ fans responses when Karlsson was traded to SJ. I thought we traded for fluff as well. Turns out Norris is a 1C, Stutzle is on his way to stardom, Tierney played serviceable years, we should have kept Balcers as a bottom 6 forward. One of the best trades in Sens history and I was livid at the return when it was announced.

I don’t expect other teams’ fan bases to fully understand the value of these prospects. But these are the upper tier of Ottawa prospects in this deal. White admittedly isn’t amongst that group, but his name could be swapped for another prospect. Pinto and Brannstrom plus 7OA is a very nice start to compensation.

If Pasta indicates he wants to wait to negotiate a deal, I’m shipping him out asap, to whatever team will give me the best return, Ottawa or otherwise.</div></div>

I think you’re kind of thinking about this the wrong way. There are good trades that don’t work out, and bad trades that do work out.

If McDavid was traded for a 5th, and that turned into a guy that’s better than McDavid, that trade worked out….but it doesn’t mean it was a good trade.

Perfect example: The bruins traded a 5th round pick for Adam McQuaid, a former 2nd round pick that was still in junior. McQuaid had a good career, played 11 years, and won a stanley cup. Getting a 5th for that is terrible. Well, that pick turned into Jamie Benn.

The sens got a very underwhelming return for Karlsson, but it worked out great.

Teams don’t make bad deals hoping to get lucky. This deal stinks.

Now if you want to get into the weeds here:
Cap dump Colin White, Brannstrom, Pinto, and Jarventie is SO much worse than what Ottawa got for Karlsson. Its just a pile of disappointing stuff. Its a really bad package outside the 7OA.