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10 avr 2016
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ngikas</b></div><div>Not even an oilers fan but I just watched that game tonight and was mind boggled how they continued to stuff puljujvari down on the third line. Kassian looks like a beer league player out there on that top line. Part of my criticism is skewed cuz I bet on puljujarvi to have a point tonight lol. But Puljujarvi had a strong game until the hook in the last 2 minutes and when they needed offense Kassian was still out there over him. I just dont see Puljujarvi having success skating along side Archibald and Turris. I understand spreading out the talent but idk I just dont agree with the idea behind tht line up decision. Again not an oils fan so maybe I dont know something about the process their taking with puljujarvi but its something that annoyed me</div></div>

Yea I agree that Puljujarvi had a good game. Its so strange to watch him because he doesn't take quick strides like every other player. He takes 1 stride and is full speed. Its so strange to watch. But yea, he was definitely one of the better forwards for the Oilers. I mentioned on another post, but putting him Archibald and Turris makes no sense. We want him to produce offensively and Archibald, while I like his game, is a 4th line, pk energy guy. I would have liked to see Ennis on that line with them.

As for Kassian, I actually didn't mind him today. HE had a wretched showing in the bubble and I was prepared to be let down again, but I thought he skated well. A couple dumb decisions to look for a pass when he was in the slot and wasn't overly physical, but his play certainly didn't hurt the Oilers.

Its tough to try Puljujarvi right off the bat, since his whole reasoning for going to Finland was partially due to not getting that opportunity, so you don't want to necessarily reward that. Lots of people say that Puljujarvi with McDavid "didn't work the first time", but if I remember correctly, they did indeed have a period of like 10 games where he was almost a ppg. I know small sample size, but I do think it can work.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>justaBoss</b></div><div>The rule for exemption is under 27 games in one year or 54 games in two year time span. He played 62 last year, meaning he's no exempt from getting picked.

EDM has to pick which one they want to keep, Jones, Kahun or Turris. Naturally they can also try to convince Seattle to take someone else and compensate it with other assets, such as prospects...but I can't see any reality where EDM leaves Klefbom on the table, no matter the injury history. The only way it happens is if Klefbom truly is permanently out or there's a major setback in his recovery process. Which seems unlikely. And if that's the case, naturally SEA won't be picking the guy.

I don't really get why EDM would move Klefbom's contract in the first place. Best case scenario, you get your best D back, worst case scenario, he ends up in LTIR for good and won't affect your cap.</div></div>

This is 100% spot on. Klefbom is criminally underrated, when hes playing healthy. His contract is great too, again when he's healthy. Theres no doubt that his injuries would hinder his value, but thats all the more reason for the Oilers to hold onto him. As you said, worst case scenario he rides it out on the LTIR.

The only reason in the world that he would be exposed in the draft would be if he directly told Holland that he will never play in the NHL again. In that case, moving out his contract is all good.

I highly doubt the Oilers protect Turris. Yes we've been looking for a 3c for a while now. And Turris seems like a great fit. But we have yet to see him play. He was out of favour in NSH, but that was in large part due to his contract. Now that he is on a reasonable deal, we can judge if he's worth it. Not to mention he has 1 year left and he'll be 32. If Seattle really wants a 32 year old soon to be UFA, thats not a crazy loss for the Oilers. By this time next year, you gotta hope that maybe McLeod will be on the team in that role. Worse case here, you get another free agent next season.

Jones is by far the most valuable to the Oilers of those 3. Kahun could join the conversation if he plays well, but for now, its unknown.

*Also this is a side note, but here is one of the rules in the seattle expansion draft.
"Players who missed the final 60 games of the ’20-21 season or who have otherwise been confirmed to have a career-threatening injury cannot be exposed in the draft without league approval"
Im not sure how to interpret this in reference to Klefboms situation. Would he be exempt from the draft, meaning the Oilers don't need to protect him? Or would it mean that the Oilers must protect him?
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Timmah007</b></div><div>Oilers pass on that jets trade. Larsson is incredibly important for Edmonton also liane would just be causing a massive cap problem in the nearer future without solving anything. Oilers had the top two point leaders last year just added a bunch of quality help in secondary scoring putting the puck in the net is not a problem that needs to be addressed like this.</div></div>

Interesting perspective. While I agree Larsson is a great PK guy and a better teammate, what he brings can easily be replaced. Look at a player like Hamonic. Good stay at home vet and held out until getitng a late PTO (I know its likely he has a deal agreed upon already). And if anything, Hamonic has a little better puck moving ability. If you have the chance to make this trade, you take it and give Hamonic a guaranteed deal.

I get that the Oilers already have the top 2 point scorers in the league, but Laine is an incredible talent. You could argue that top 6 wingers is where the Oilers have the least depth/adequacy.

So I agree the Oilers have absolutey no reason to pursue a Laine trade, as they have other areas that need an upgrade, <strong>BUT</strong> if the proposal above is the case, you take it 100% of the time. The Oilers simply give up no valuable pieces. Theres practically no risk.

Not an important part, but an added bonus is the effect it could have on Puljujarvi.


Thats a pretty deep top 9. And don't even get me started on the powerplay.
Anything short of 100% success rate would be a shock.
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