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In addition to the aforementioned eligible roster transactions, I have compiled a list of all players on teams that are eligible to have their contracts voided and placed either onto the reserve list or released to free agency. If released to free agency, the releasing team is permitted to resign the player to a deal under the condition they sign an NHL contract IRL.

<a href="/users/Zach" target="_blank"><a href="/users/Zach" target="_blank">@Zach</a></a> = Anaheim Ducks (<strong>Eligible</strong> to release Justin Williams and Magnus Paajarvi to free agency
<a href="/users/Rodzikhockey93" target="_blank"><a href="/users/Rodzikhockey93" target="_blank">@Rodzikhockey93</a></a> = Buffalo Sabres (<strong>Eligible</strong> to void contracts of Keaton Thompson and Trevor Murphy and place on reserve list (otherwise release to free agency)
<a href="/users/mhockey91" target="_blank"><a href="/users/mhockey91" target="_blank">@mhockey91</a></a> = Chicago Blackhawks (<strong>Eligible</strong> to void the contract of Victor EJdsell and place on reserve list (otherwise release to free agency)
<a href="/users/ricochetii" target="_blank"><a href="/users/ricochetii" target="_blank">@ricochetii</a></a> = Dallas Stars (<strong>Eligible</strong> to release Ryan Spooner to free agency
<a href="/users/Max" target="_blank"><a href="/users/Max" target="_blank">@Max</a></a> = Edmonton Oilers (<strong>Eligible</strong> to void contract of Ty Rattie and place on reserve list (otherwise release to free agency)
<a href="/users/Math" target="_blank"><a href="/users/Math" target="_blank">@Math</a></a> = Florida Panthers (<strong>Eligible</strong> to void contract of Juho Lammikko and place on reserve list (otherwise release to free agency)
<a href="/users/unbjoncar" target="_blank"><a href="/users/unbjoncar" target="_blank">@unbjoncar</a></a> = Montreal Canadiens (<strong>Eligible</strong> to void contract of Daniel Audette and place on reserve list (otherwise release to free agency)
<a href="/users/higgs31" target="_blank">@higgs31</a> = Nashville Predators (<strong>Eligible</strong> to void contract of Eamon McAdam and place on reserve list (otherwise release to free agency)
<a href="/users/eklund29" target="_blank"><a href="/users/eklund29" target="_blank">@eklund29</a></a> = Pittsburgh Penguins (<strong>Eligible</strong> to release Mario Kempe to free agency and void contract of Jakob Forsbacka Karlsson and place on reserve list (otherwise release to free agency)
<a href="/users/monops19" target="_blank"><a href="/users/monops19" target="_blank">@monops19</a></a> = Toronto Maple Leafs (<strong>Eligible</strong> to void contracts of Nicholas Baptiste, Gabriel Gagne, and Jordan Subban and place on reserve list (otherwise release to free agency)
<a href="/users/MrBooth" target="_blank"><a href="/users/MrBooth" target="_blank">@MrBooth</a></a> = Vancouver Canucks (<strong>Eligible</strong> to release Connor Brickley and Eddie Lack to free agency and void contracts of Emil Pettersson and Hunter Miska and place on reserve list (otherwise release to free agency)
<a href="/users/DirtyDangles" target="_blank"><a href="/users/DirtyDangles" target="_blank">@DirtyDangles</a></a> = Vegas Golden Knights (<strong>Eligible</strong> to void contract of Tomas Hyka and place on reserve list (otherwise release to free agency)
<a href="/users/PattyMack88" target="_blank"><a href="/users/PattyMack88" target="_blank">@PattyMack88</a></a> = Washington Capitals (<strong>Eligible</strong> to void contract of Dmitrij Jaskin and place on reserve list (otherwise release to free agency)

<strong><em>Please make these changes by December 6th</em></strong>

Thanks, BOG