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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>markus</b></div><div>Rare high-effort AGM.

I do think that if we're abandoning ship, there'd be no reason to make trades just for the sake of making trades, we should be trading players with actual value for futures.

The Hayes trade makes very little sense for both teams and is unrealistic due to Hayes' contract, but for the flyers why would they want to trade Hayes if they're abandoning ship? His 7m would help hit the cap floor given we actually abandon ship and he's a great leader/locker room guy for the young players.

A Laughton trade is also questionable due to the leadership he provides along with how undesirable he is (I'd want him as I think he's very underrated but I don't think any GM of another team would say the same). Same type of situation as with Hayes.

I think it'd make a lot more sense to trade guys like Konecny and Provorov. Although they're young enough to stick around through a rebuild, they carry high values and can net a 1st+ return each. Trading them would also help us stay near the bottom of the league for the sake of good draft picks and also allow us to take on bad contracts for more forward-looking assets.</div></div>

I understand your points. I would have no problem moving on from Konecny and Provorov, HOWEVER, trading these players WHEN THEY ARE ENTERING THEIR PRIME has MORE POTENTIAL FOR DISASTER. Simply getting just a pick might not be a good enough return for each them because they each have All-Star potential... rather than trading aging veterans like Cam Atkinson and Kevin Hayes. There is much less risk for a GM to trade these type of players, who :
1. Have value that is undisutable
2. Have a high salary, so if they are move the FLYERS get assets in return and
3. If future assets are. not on the table then the FLYERS should at least seek at bare minimum cap flexibility.

This is what we see in the deals I have put together. If not for the exact players. This is what they should be searching for. Players on 1 year deals with high salary that could be potentially flipped at the trade deadline for even more assets...
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ON3M4N</b></div><div>The Boston trade makes no sense.

How is Boston adding just under $4.5 million in cap space to their current roster?

Why would Boston help PHI get out from Hayes overpriced contract? Is their incentive the guy who you deemed "will NOT pan out" in your description? Doesn't seem like an enticing deal for Boston.</div></div>

You raised excellent questions. Cap space is definitely an issue. When using this trade feature it showed me Philadelphia's cap under Boston, and I couldn't see where Boston's cap was. This trade would have to be reworked for sure, but if the cap gets figured out I think Boston would entertain the idea of adding Hayes. C depth is obviously important, Hayes is a great teammate, he would be a big upgrade over Zacha, and he expertly controls the puck and the pace of the game.

As for Frost, Boston wouldn't really have a spot for him to develop...this is essentially adding a prospect who could get a call up if there are injuries..who has upside and can help build the prospect pipeline...I say that he won't pan out in Philadelphia, obviously i don't have a crystal ball, he could develop in Philadelphia or elsewhere, the point is that Frost does have value and that in a deal of this caliber where Boston is already getting the better player, there is more incentive to eat salary for an additional price...and that price is a prospect who was a former 1st rd pk and has potential to be a Top 6 player.
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