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(LAK / EDM) - Jokinen for Cammalleri

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14 nov 2017 à 19 h 32
A trade between Los Angeles Kings and Edmonton Oilers has been confirmed.
Détails de la transaction
14 nov 2017 à 20 h 51
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Very fruitful free agent signings.
Daryl et Hedman77 a aimé ceci.
15 nov 2017 à 9 h 50
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You can't Go Home Again... I'd say Oilers won getting a guy on pace for half as many points as games played who maybe could score 20-30... While Kings get a guy with 1 point the entire season... I guess the Kings figure he has more size so fits the 3rd/4th line better than Cam did or would... Gaborik is a few weeks away so he can take his PP time if he returns as expected though it seems like a Raw Deal smile. Jussi has more size so maybe that is an aspect to the deal... I was wondering why the Kings called up Crescenzi if it meant somebody was hurt or under weather still like Kempe. Then he gets a penalty that causes the Kings to lose to Canucks after they had a 2-0 lead... LA isn't scoring enough goals so they ship out somebody who can score that seems really logical to me... I think this is more about Iaffalo being on the top line doing well pushing out Cam who was expected to be more a top 6 than bottom 6 forward.

Congrats to the Oilers they blew up for 8 goals, who knew all this time Jussi was the real problem there wink. Then again it helps to play a team like Vegas who has a goalie in there who don't belong staring too many games straight... Then the backup has a nice .500 save percentage letting in 1 goal on 2 shots hehe smile. This helps OIlers who not scored enough with all these articles how Eberle/Hall have more goals or points than any other than McDavid BS smile. Way Vegas is dropping like a stone with Kings doing 3 in a row making Budaj look good for only time this season its opening up door for Edmonton to get back into Post Season hopes instead of lottery pick smile. I guess Blake isn't happy with one of his own signings so he shipped him for a guy who hopefully can regain the form he had on Penguins in Playoffs or prior to this year on any team he played on smile. Cam will probably score 20-30 goals with 30-50 points while Jussi would be lucky to get around 10 goals... Hopefully he is a good player on the PK or does some other things well for LAK or it might be another long season.
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