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Forum: NHL12 sept. 2023 à 14 h 5
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CantStopWontStop</b></div><div>It’s quite normal and acceptable to not want to share.

You can assertively say no.

That’s the end.

If the other person decides to escalate the situation then they have made a poor choice. That’s when you escalate it to your agent. Right then. You do not have to change your mind and you are in the righteous position.

If you are not comfortable with something no is acceptable. People need to be assertive and control their own ships. Yes others are impressionable, they always will be. You are you.

I’d personally just show my phone. I care exactly 0. I’d hand it to you rn if you were next to me. You have permission to pass it around. Do not care.

What’s soft is not wanting to but caving in then whining about it to people who talk on the radio. So soft it can’t stand on its own two feet or speak out of its own mouth.</div></div>

Jenner's decision to allow Babcock to check is phone or not has no impact on the substance of the original request. Assuming the allegations are true (which is unconfirmed), Babcock asking to see Jenner's phone is unprofessional and pointless regardless of Jenner saying "no" or "yes" to it. Jenner's response doesn't change the fact that checking players phones brings no on-ice benefits, builds mistrust between the coaching staff and the players, and is an unprofessional thing to do.

Sure you can view Jenner as soft for not being able to stand up and say "no", but that doesn't change the fact that the initial request to see his phone is still unwarranted.
Forum: NHL12 sept. 2023 à 13 h 19
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CantStopWontStop</b></div><div>Looks like Babcock maybe on his way out?

Idk I’m in the minority. I don’t mind him being weird. You don’t touch/strike people, you don’t discuss/involve family, politics, religion, and you show up and give a max effort to do well. Everything else, I do not care. I’d suggest the best leaders are the ones who make their top performers the most uncomfortable.

For example, forcing Marner to list lazy teammates is probably the flavor of medicine Mitch Marner needs a few more doses of, even though everybody agrees it tastes bad. There is not 1 person who thinks that’s a positive idea through and through. Marner’s the one who picked hockey, the most savage, besides perhaps ufc, of all athletic professions. Hockey was savage before him, is now, and will be long after he’s gone. And he looked like an absolute joke against Tkachuk on the ice. Granted, I’m not expecting a fist fight, but woof that was really a bad moment. Maybe if he had just a few more years of bad taste built up he’d put his hands up and atleast resist. Matthews had it when Stamkos was bringing it.

I don’t mind him saying, “hey player take out your phone let me see your photos”. First off player is grown man can say no. If any of you ever think, “well that’s my coach I can’t say no” stop and fix yourself. Second off, super interesting way to catch somebody off guard and judge their reaction.

Yeah, it rubs the absolute wrong way.

Some reactions I see on social media you’d think Babcock was done murdering a 3rd player and planning the 4th. Snowflakes.

The fact that it’s public makes me think there’s some softies in Columbus.</div></div>

How is it "soft" to not want to share personal information with your coach? That's like your boss asking to scroll through your phone so they can determine if you deserve a raise or not.

There is no tangible on-ice benefit that can come from forcing one of your players to hand over their phone so you can view their private photos. Not only is Babcock a walking PR problem, he's just not a good coach.