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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>STH</b></div><div>You're too worried about getting top end talent and being linked to all these free agents you don't realize that Kassian isn't going there for that purpose. Taking on cap is different then getting Gaudreau. The oilers need a starting goalie and a number one d but that doesn't mean they can't go out and get a depth forward? Teams major needs aren't the only thing they need to be worried about. And if im overvaluing Mcleod does't that make it a fair deal? young 4th liner for older 3rd liner and a second? This isn't a blockbuster, team changing deal. The devils have the room to take on cap and getting picks works out well for their rebuild. And if you think the devils are close to the playoffs your delusional. this isn't 2018</div></div>

I absolutely realise for what purpose we'd be taking on Kassian - because there is none. And if you realise, me telling you stuff about being linked top end talent has nothing to do with Kassian but rather with your wrong perception about where the Devils are in their rebuild. And this is once again underscored by your statement about us not being close to the playoffs.. We would have been a league average team this year if we had gotten competent goaltending. Yet, our goalies were worst in the league. So, I'm not going to tell you we're fixed to make the postseason next year, but don't be surpried if we do. So you're actually the "delusional" person in this conversation.

Now, back to Kassian: We do have no need for him. We have about 4-5 prospects ready to play a 4th line role for us. We hopefully get Miles Wood back who'd be a fixture there. And we don't have any need to take on cap for unnecessary 4th liners since like 80% of our roster needs a new contract within the next 14 months...

So I'm not saying this deal isn't fair value. But it doesn't help us in any way and that's why its not going to happen.
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