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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Alfie11</b></div><div>Grabbing a Kadri/Trocheck prevents them from being bad enough to properly bottom out and aggressively retool. Are you really gonna pretend that even if you just have your core of Lindholm/McAvoy/Carlo/Pastrnak/Swayman (Lindholm unmovable, the rest young enough that you want to keep them around, and trading them would be counterproductive to trying to be competitive again in a short amount of time) that the Bruins aren't significantly better than at least a half dozen teams (Flyers, Kraken, Coyotes, Canadiens, and Blue Jackets for starters, plus I doubt all of the Red Wings/Sens/Sabres/Ducks/Devils improve enough even though a few of them probably will) even if they manage to move on from guys like Marchand, Hall, Smith, etc. via trade? And then add Kadri/Trocheck to the mix? That's at WORST a fringe wild card team. You won't come close to getting a Bedard type BECAUSE the core is so good. A 107 point team isn't going to drop off the face off the earth because one guy retires even if a couple others get dealt.</div></div>

if they do nothing, they have no centers but are still good enough overall that i think at worst theyre like 10th in the draft. thats doing nothing. if they bring in a kadri or a trochek they have a shot at a wild card spot. and you can find missing pieces longer. like i said retool not rebuild. you gotta dump guys that just arent panning out or have 1 year left, salvage what you can and move on.
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