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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jeuck75</b></div><div>Now that's a complete joke (no offense). Pretty sure anyone would trade Sid for arguably the best player to ever step foot on the ice (McD) whos 10 years younger and still has room to get better. He may be that valuable to the Pens but he isn't to other teams, which is why Crosby will never be traded.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jeuck75</b></div><div>Every team says no imo

I wouldn't trade Byram 1 for 1 cause Avs need defense

Also wouldn't trade Tippett for Malkin 1 for 1 cause Malkin is injury prone and old (only reason Ovi is still worth a decent amount is cause he is defying aging, lol)

MASSIVE overpayment for Letang imo. (Especially since it's a rental, same with Malkin)</div></div>

that is what I'm saying... he will never be traded. but your take about "the best player to ever step foot on the ice (McD)"... that is a complete joke (no offense). young Crosby was better and won in the 4th year of his career. he needs to win before he can be even compared to guys like geno and ovi. he needs to win more than 2 to be on of the best. he's not close to goat status yet. Crosby is just miles ahead in that discussion. (Obviously mcd has time to better his resume)

I get your point of those players being overvalued by the pens cuz of the cups they brought and sentimental attachment BUT you are definitely undervaluing their play on ice at this time and underestimating what winning cups mean to franchises. I mean malkin for Tippett 1 for 1 (pens would never make this trade) but panthers would be very stupid not to accept: a decent winger for a 50% chance of winning the cup. (if geno is healthy florida with that trade would win the cup hands down) that is how much difference a healthy geno still makes in this league.
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