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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Roscoe</b></div><div>Exactly my point

ok he signed Tavares knowing he had a bunch of RFA's to sign. He didn't count on Marner having a monster year or he under-valued Marner, either way he made a mistake. granted I'm sure he thought he was going to win the cup this year
he signed Tavares knowing Lou had made some questionable signings in particular Marleau, also again knowing he had RFA coming up. He caved with Nylander when he should have let him sit out the year
you think he did good with barrie? maybe in the short term but what happens at the end of this year? same with Ceci. he gave Kadri's money to Ceci but only for one year

correct Hayes contract is horrible I can admit that. now lets say Morgan Frost comes up this year and for the length of his ELC has the same success as Marner. Im not going to believe that Frost as an RFA is going to take less because our GM made mistakes when signing contracts</div></div>

Okay so the only problem you have outlined is signing Tavares... One thing. Which i would argue is an extremely good thing he did. JT scored 47 goals last year. Gives the Leafs arguably the best 1-2 punch down the middle in the entire league. He gave Kadri's money to Kerfoot actually, at 1 million cheaper, which was another amazing move. He got Kerfoot for 4 years at 3.5 and Barrie for one year at 2.75 for Kadri at 4 years at 4.5. I'd say that was an absolutely amazing trade. Even if Barrie leaves. No mistakes were made. All great moves. that have yet to cost the leafs any players of any significance. Wrong again pal.
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