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20 aoû 2017
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Eli</b></div><div>I thought I was already fleecing them. Are you expecting more Panik moves? It could happen next deadline, sure, but not in the offseason when lots of teams have cap space, and not if the cap looks like it will go up again once everybody is vaccinated and arenas are all selling out.

What team do you see ending up in that situation again, and when?</div></div>

What I mean is we are paying for both kempny and palat. Tampa is forced to pay someone to take their players, we wouldn't pay to take an aging player with many years back. We are not giving up any draft picks for any veteran players. Yzerman is obsessed with draft picks and stated many times he won't be moving them. We aren't competing for a cup next year. He traded mantha because he won't be in his prime by the time we are going to be competitive, he wouldn't want 2 older than mantha players who will be way out of their prime for picks. What I'm talking about is gaining an asset to take loui erikson from Vancouver type of deals. He's only signed for 1 more year and we will get picks and prospects for that type of move. Plenty of teams are going to be up against the cap and we will be able to broker those type of deals. Yzerman isn't trading picks to help other teams salary relief at this time. Both trades make 0 sense for the wings, they are going to be playing their kids and make a couple of trades for assets and sign a few guys like they did this offseason to be more competitive. 1-2 year deals max. Unless tampa and wash are paying us to take those players we aren't interested