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30 mai 2019
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15 déc 1991
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bf3351</b></div><div>If its between sending a 4th and a B or C prospect for Hjarmarsson and Grabner or just a 6th for 2 years of Leddy and Komorov I'd pick the AZ any day of the month. If AZ declines then I will gladly sign Boroweiki or Greene or some other LD to a 1 year deal.

I agree with you that after Kaliyev we literally have 0 top 6 potential at wing and there's always a chance he doesn't work out. Hence why we need to draft Stutzle. Kings will soon be in a position to trade Kopitar within a year or two IMO. Of course I dont want that, but there's a way to acquire young 6 wingers, established or not. We also have the option of free agency. My point is there are many better winger options than Kapanen without trading Roy or Lizotte. Keep in mind, there's no guarantee Kapanen will turn out to be a solid top 6 winger. Are you really willing to trade Lizotte for a guy that might not be what you hope? I am surely not. Roy is a Martinez in the making and Lizotte could very well be one of the best 4th line centers in the league who is capable of filling in at 3C if JAD gets injured. These are role players that come extremely important to a Stanley Cup contender which he will be in less than 5 years I hope.

As you've said yourself, Clague might end up a fringe NHLer so why protect him? Yes he has trade value, but in rather lose out on that than let Seattle take Lizotte. Blake can give up a 2nd rounder or something like that to help influence who Seattle will take and who they won't.</div></div>

What makes you think Greene and Boro would sign 1 year deals to move in an entirely new state. They'd want much more term than that.
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