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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F3ruS</b></div><div>Just stating easy facts for n00bs :help , when i see out of the world trades...:cry

If you think Manson will get traded, you have to expect a deep return. Otherwise, :ducks just keeping him.
He is a top2D, he plays amazing anytime i see him play, he is still quite young(in defenders's age) , he kills PK's. He is physical.
He had a little slump earlier this year. His value went down, Just like Josh Anderson from :bluejackets.
But guess what. When someone's value is down. You still can't aquire a solid (let's just say, he is weaker, than i think by a lot ) Top3D for peanuts. Or a solid middle6 forward.
He has still 2 more full years left at a pretty nice ~ around 4 million $ caphit. Just what Tampa or Toronto would've needed, if he was available to trade.<strong> Hint: he wasn't.</strong>

Toronto has no assets to aquire Manson. Johnsson is a 3rd liner, Bracco is AHL level player right now(possibly top9 player future). Dermott is Top6D.
Manson is not like Muzzin, who only worth a 1st, who is aging and already regressing.(more injuries coming in the next 4 years + perfromance declining).
When you want to aquire a prime age top3D(25-30 years), you have to pay a lot.
If you disagree, then show me your ACGM's topics, where you aquire from any team to any team a top Defender who is close to his prime.
Then we'll see, if those players who you just showcased---&gt; will stay or leave in the next few years. Let me guess, you won't do it, because it won't happen. Just like suggestions in these topics.

<strong>Let me clarify one more time. When a player has a lot of term left and not on trade block. Price is insanely high</strong>, unless that said player on trade block and having career worst year and hopeless future.(and over 30)
Even when Ristolainen had a -40 careeer down year, his value was the lowest ever. He still wouldn't get traded... 1 year later, he still didn't... In this case, Ristolainen = Manson. Teams not making trades just for the sake of it with high caliber players. Unless they have a reason. To help Toronto/insert any other team win the Stanley-Cup is not a reason for Anaheim to trade him.
Result = he stays, until Anaheim get's a crazy offer, which they can't refuse. I help you Johnson + Liljegren is a bad offer. If i could rate it: 1/10. Johnsson(3rd liner) + Dermott(top6 D on most teams) + 2nd round pick(late) = below mediocre offer. That's why i said, it starts with a first round pick ( again probably late) or Nylander ( solid top 6 player). Then go from there. Really easy stuff. For 3 weak pieces, you cannot aquire strong players, who are not on trade block. If Johnsson will be on trade block with dermott in couple of months. Their value = even lower...

Let's examine Dumba. Uhh, everybody imagined him getting traded, because he had a bad year. Guess what: Toronto offered Johnson/Kap + other medicore pieces.
:wild said: no thanks. Keep your Barrie forever, together with Johnsson/Kapanen/Bracco.

I expect Manson to be moved at 2020/2021 trade deadline for a steep package, like Coleman/Zucker 's return. 1st round + prospect + (player).
Or 2021/2022 TDL for a cheaper pricetag for a pure rental for 25 games --&gt; like 2nd round + mediocre prospect. Or ~ 2nd round+3rd round. If bidding war, maybe even more. Hard to predict that far into the future.

TLDR: Manson stays in Anaheim for a while.... unless a super high offer comes in by any team. And it probably won't be Toronto...(they don't have the pieces), except if they are willing to give up high quality assets...</div></div>

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