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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ledge_And_Dairy</b></div><div>?
Couture was 1C last year, Pavelski has played the last couple years on the wing similar to how Stamkos has moved to wing. The Sharks sucking had a lot more to do with Couture and Hertl being injured as well as Jones sucking than Couture being the 1C. As for Necas, Gaudreau put up 64 points in his rookie year at 21, if Necas does that next year then I'll believe you. if 1.3 years of Coleman is worth a 1st in this draft than Gaudreau is certainly worth a top 10 pick. Also this years draft is more comparable to 2015 than 2003</div></div>

Couture played 1C, but that doesn't make him a 1C. Jordan Staal played 1C in Carolina for years, that doesn't make him a 1C. Also, from what I can find, Meier played more as the 1C. Whether that was due to Couture's injury, I don't know. Gaudreau goes up and down, Necas at 20 years old just put up a 45 point pace season. Asking him to make a slight improvement in his second year to become a 60+ point producer with a real centre in Vinny Trocheck isn't a big ask. I wouldn't trade Necas for Gaudreau, oh plus Necas is a righty, which is really rare in Carolina. Coleman wasn't worth a 1st, They got one because they thought it was going to be 31st overall, which is effectively an early 2nd. With that in mind, I wouldn't give up a top 10 pick in the deepest draft since 03 for him. I'm not comparing this draft to 2003, because I'm not dumb, but this draft is deeper than 2015. The talent level his year stretches way further than the 2015 draft did