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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>oliver_wahlstrom</b></div><div>So your justification for saying he has a 200 foot game is that you watch every game? Even when statistics say otherwise?

Lundestrom is almost 23 and has never surpassed 30 points or 20 goals. He is a career negative WAR player. How could you say he is worth a first?</div></div>

No Im saying he plays a 200ft game because I know what a 200ft game is and I see him play it.

He isnt going to be a big point producer, hes a 200ft forward, thats what he was drafted as and thats wht he has developed into.

If analytics were everything every single team would have the exact same value of every player and they would have a publicly known value at all times. They dont tell the whole story and its foolish to think they do

Look at the linemates hes had, Im really confused why you seem to think being 23 is a negative for Lundestrom but Lundkvist being 8 months younger without any type of progression since hes been drafted isnt?

Hes worth a first because the Ducks spent a first on him and he is developing exactly as expected.

He has already proven to be a capable 3rd liner and will keep getting better, 23 isnt the end of a players development, not every single player is going to be a superstar at 23. Look at Troy Terry from just last year, he had his breakout in his age 24 season

Its okay to admit you misjudged Lundestroms value, Dont just look at some advanced stats and graphs that dont even tell half the story of a player
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