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Forum: GM Game 2019-2027 jun 2019 à 13 h 09
Please review the following concerns discovered from the most recent Free Agent signings from NYR for non-compliance.

First, review the <a href="">NYR team page</a> and calculate the number of valid NHL and AHL contracts for verification.

From the time of posting this, NYR has indicated they have 48/50 contracts, but here are the days in Free Agency that NYR was awarded extra players that are not accounted for:

<a href=";post_id=925523">Day 1, June 19</a> - Kevin Gravel (49/50) <em>not accounted for</em>

<a href=";post_id=929116">Day 2, June 20</a> - Jamie McGinn (<em>already accounted for from 48/50</em>) + Jaycob Megna (50/50) <em>not accounted for</em>

<a href=";post_id=931492">Day 3, June 21</a> - Alex Chiasson (50/50)* <em>player has been accounted for from 48/50, but Gravel + Megna in correct order means Chiasson might be in default as 51/50. Please review to ensure accuracy. Include the <a href=";post_id=931988">NJD trade</a> and <a href=";post_id=932094">FLA trade</a> on June 22, Saturday for calculating contracts for June 21 UFA signings.</em>

<a href=";post_id=935785">Day 5, June 23</a> - Evan McEneny (51/50) <em>Contract in default and exceeds maximum 50 limit, a penalty should apply.</em>

<a href=";post_id=943414">Day 8, June 26</a> - Brandon Tanev (52/50) <em>Contract is in default and exceeds maximum 50 limit, another penalty should apply.</em>

Please review these findings and confirm my research and results, allowing no mitigation on these 50 limit contract will allow all GMs in game to exceed their own limits and create an imbalance in game that won't go unnoticed.

Thanks BoG for your assistance on this matter.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>unbjoncar</b></div><div>I've been doing that. Starting high, then negotiating from there.</div></div>
Honestly, I've just recently acquired Rickard Rakell from ANA, and I'd dare to say that Rakell is really close to equal value for Gallagher!

So here's Gallagher's 2018/19 stats:
RW, 27 years old, 82 games played, 33 goals, 19 assists, 7 powerplay points, CF%: 59.1, 0.63 pts/gp, $3,750,000 cap hit, 2 years term remaining

and here's Rakell's 2018/019 stats:
LW/RW, 26 years old, 69 games played, 18 goals, 25 assists, 13 powerplay points, CF% 48.1, 0.62 pts/gp, $3,789,444 cap hit, 3 years term remaining

This was the deal TOR made to land Rakell:
<a href=";post_id=873954">Link to TOR/ANA deal for Rakell</a>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Zach</b></div><div>:ducks
Rasmus Sandin
Liam Foudy
2019 3rd round pick (TOR)
UFA rights to Jake Gardiner

Rickard Rakell</div></div>
Rasmus is TOR's top LD prospect (Grade: A to -A), Liam Foudy was 18th overall from 2018 in CBJ (Grade +B to B), a mid-tier pick in this coming draft, and UFA rights to a 2nd pair LD because ANA lost Fowler to QBC in expansion draft and Gardiner re-signed could help their team needs. I don't know if any GMs would argue this deal was good or bad for either TOR or ANA, but it was a deal agreed upon by all parties, and I had an AGM to work with to try and settle these negotiations. ANA could vouch that there were even 2 to 3 other potential offers on the table that were negotiated and re-negotiated before we settled on the one you see quoted here.

<a href="/users/unbjoncar" target="_blank">@unbjoncar</a>: let me send you some quick and easy tools and resources to help you make trades closer to fair value, and prevent lopsided trades like both of those Gallagher deals with VAN from happening again.