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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Martinmarincin</b></div><div>I am not a Sabres fan so I dont know your prospects very well but Dvorak has been in trade rumours and he could be a good top 6 player. Bogo has said he might wanna go back to the US to be closer to his family and because of covid restrictions in canada. So would be good veteran presence on that blueline and his family lives close to Buffalo.

Why would it be an issie that they are RFAS since there still young enough so they will fit the timeline.
And as I said before i am not a sabres fan but if you say they should part maybe you keep Jokiharju and trade Risto</div></div>

Well the issue is for Adams overall plan of attack as it relates to the RFA's. He is looking to put together players that have a majority of their respective RFA term left. Would he be interested in the players you have traded to him.... OF COURSE but not for his TOP Asset (Eichel)..... I firmly believe that Adams is willing to wait this thing out with Eichel up to the trade deadline to develop a stronger market for Eichel. I do not see Adams trading his TOP ASSET away without getting the team he is trading with top prospect. I know Ranger Fan says NO Kappo or LaFreniere and all I say to that is then no Eichel. Pretty simple.... Adams not trading Jack and letting Jack play out his current contract is not a bad thing for Adams.

As I stated in my first post I love the Dvorak kid but I just do not see Arizona moving him even if there is rumors..... I think the Yotes and Sabres are in the same sport having to start another full rebuild therefore they do not make great trade partners.

GM Adams play is too build around Cozens, Dahlin, Henry, Quinn, Mittelstadt &amp; Eklund (when he goes #1).
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