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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>I'm gonna try this from another angle

Typically there's half a dozen teams with cap room and players like Pacioretty who put up 45pts in 47 games and VGK had to pay to move him still.
They'll have to clear another 9m just to skate a 23 man roster this year so someone else will be getting paid to take that cap

Only way to move Cap or deals out is to pay period
That is unless you're willing to swap players
MTL did it with Subban and Weber despite the term difference.
That term that you'd argue would haunt us actually got us paid
Dadanov's 43 points was only beaten by Suzuki in MTL and he's a pending UFA we can sell off

You im sure argued at the time Trading Subban for more term didnt make sense.
In the end we'll get more for Dadanov after getting better years out of Weber then Subban got for NSH in two 2nds , capdump and B level prospect(at the time anywyas now maybe C-)

If you play checkers your whole life , you're bound to find Chess frustrating
I totally get it .but this is a better return then Subban for Weber got in a cap for cap swap cause neither had a market with their contracts at the time.
Difference is the person making slighly more actually deserves and earned it with 2 rings to show for it.
The other played on teams bottom 6 during rebuilds mentoring youth with 1 SCF he was pivotol in until shut down by .... Dun Dun Dun ... Goodrow's line lol

Anyways if you're not sold i get it
Its why these site's exist for everyone to work this stuff out in real time
That said this is a difference of 200k or something and what 2 years term?
We're giving up Evans and getting Lunkvist, and a couple of picks likely 2nd's
Maybe by the time we get to his final 3-4 years like Weber we'll move him for a productive pending UFA

The beauty of a Cap Screwed league is McDonugh can lead in 3 straight SCF as one of the best D year in and out
still be given away for a 7D and a AHL prospect and Pacioretty gets nothing .
It'll only get worse like the NBA did and it started very similiarily over time
Then one day it was just acceptable culture</div></div>

Alright let’s go one by one here:

You’re comparing a deal between two bottom six cap dumps to a deal of two franchise number one defencemen. Yes I was very upset when the trade went down. I was 14 at the time and had just got home from a trip to Montreal, one where I bought a jersey at the Bell Center of my favourite player, PK Subban.

That story aside, I would compare a swap like this to the Leafs-Sens Ceci for Zaitsev swap, the dollar for dollar exchange was nearly identical, but Zaitsev’s deal ran much longer than Ceci’s. The leafs got out of that money after one year and the sens are still stuck with that cumbersome contract. The Oilers-Flames trade between Lucic and Neal also serves as a good example, the flames came out of the deal with less cap and are able to get out of the contract this year, while the oilers were forced to buy Neal out and now are trying to build a cup-contending team while being forced to hand out $2 mil to a player who they didn’t want there anymore.

If Goodrow and Armia had the same term on their contracts I’m all for this deal. The issue is the whole paying a bottom six forward over $3 mil in a flat cap world (and we were just about to get out of Byron’s deal!)

I’d like to argue that Goodrow was more of a product of playing with Gourde and Coleman than anything else. If you look at the numbers of the three from last season to this season, Coleman’s stayed roughly the same, Gourde’s dropped a bit but still stayed relatively positive despite playing on the third worst team in the league, while Goodrow’s took a nose-dive this season. Calling that line the Goodrow line is like calling the leafs’ number one line the Bunting line.

Ok if the deal’s Armia, Evans for Goodrow, Lundkvist, and two seconds sure I’ll take that. Usually when people just say “picks” I think 3rd round or worse garbage. Can live with that return.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>He wanted MB contracts and players gone so he could bring in his own
If you want to quantify that as a rule on never have cap or term i guess that's a choice lol
I watch every interview and what he says is he doesnt plan on being active in Free Agency THIS YEAR
Every time i hear that question its always "This Year" where as Bergavin just said yes or no leaving room to speculate.

Lunqvist is Waiver Exempt for 2 more years
Our AHL has literally no RD with Ghule, Xhekaj ,Norlinder among others there for LD if they dont make MTL's squad.
Makes more sense to play big minutes in AHL while we raise value on Veterans to sell them off
While it is Contract in and out its 2 NHL deals for an AHL and an NHL deal opening up more icetime for our current rosters players

Goodrow is only making 3.6m slightly more then Armia with better production
Now in a system like MTL that rolles 4 lines and doesnt play match up hockey i think Goodrow will earn his money personally
Its like Markus Foligno EVERYONE on here tried to trade him as a cap dump their Karprizov came along
Foligno hit another level and now i cant pry him away from Minnisota fans these days

You're focusing on 1 very small cog in the big picture
You got to take a step back and take a look at the value it adds by proxy especially to others we're trying to sell off
Goodrow creates room by proxy as when he's on the ice all eyes are on him for fear of getting hit hard
That's perfect for a Gallagher type who needs just a step advantage to get by you

Short term it allows us a chance to sell off our remaining Contracts left by MB outside Gally who jumped on Hughes band wagon day 1 and seems to be good with him.
1 by 1 they'll likely all fall and this just speeds up the process while again getting a D that NYR brought up too early that can still be the missing piece we need in our depth pools RD.They didnt play him enough and we wont make the same mistakes giving him the chance to own #1 RD in Laval beside Ghule then jump to the NHL together the next season in Camp

I just noticed after i hit enter
My Point about Anderson isnt about being Physical
Its about losing or tying but never winning any fights he's in
Plus he busted up his hand already in a meaningless fight
Wouldnt you much rather that be Goodrow?</div></div>

Typically when you’re trying to rebuild and clear the books you don’t take on long term money for bottom six plug that could bite you when you’re trying to contend in the future, just look at the sens with Zaitsev.

In order to be active in the future we need to have the books cleared. Can’t do a whole lot with Byron’s and Armia’s and Goodrow’s making over $3 mil each.

That’s fine that you can think that, but minnesota was also one of the top offensive teams in the league when foligno broke out, Goodrow was on a team that made the conference final and stuck with just above his career average for point totals. Now stick him in the bottom six on one of the worst teams in the league and I guarantee you his production declines.

If Kent Hughes wanted a space-eating enforcer he could’ve just paid Nic Deslauries. Towards the end of the season the rangers were almost exclusively using him in the bottom six with guys like Reaves and Rooney. Shows how much the rangers thought he could help the skill players.

The point of rebuilding isn’t just trading away everything the previous manager left. It’s not just take a **** contract and flip it for a **** contract for the sake of “he wasn’t signed by the previous manager”. Lundkvist is a nice piece, but I don’t think it’s enough to justify essentially adding two years to Armia’s contract. Look at Detroit, Yzerman took a few years, cleared the cap organically, whether by selling players when they became rentals or just letting contracts expire on their own. I’d like the Habs to do the same thing, cause the best teams don’t have much wasted cap on their roster. Gallagher and Anderson’s contracts are already going to age poorly, don’t need another long term one to add to the pile.

Also, Anderson only had three fights last year, all in the first half of the season. And that’s the kind of guy he is, when he gets mad he’s gonna drop the gloves on you. Like Nathan Mackinnon. You think he thinks about how he’s a skill player when he gets into scrums in the corner and lays massive hits on players?
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>MTL would for the right price
If we could move Evans and Armia in a Bundle for Goodrow ,Lundqvist and a pick or two

Dont sign Chytil away as Evans is a better 3rd line option anyways
NYR will still have like 2.5-3m cap left to sign a 23/23 man roster opposed to the 22/23 man roster they have now.
Armia would be way easier to move then Goodrow but i think will fit in great in NYR as he's the guy we always have the rookies play with

Why would MTL do it ?
Goodrow isnt any extra cap just term
Focus on the fact we bought ourselves a couple years and cleared a roster/contract spot
That said if i had a bunch of young players especially skilled ones like Slavkovsky,Suzuki, Caufield, Ghule, ext
Having a guy like Goodrow around to help Pezzetta allows Anderson to focus more on Hockey less on Protector role

Plus for some reason i see a line with Goodrow-Gally being hard to deal with for opponents</div></div>

Kent Hughes wants the long term cap cleared. You saw what he did with the Weber trade. What’s the point of essentially taking Joel Armia and adding two more years to his contract? We don’t clear any roster spots, it’s two contracts in, two contracts out. What exactly did we buy here? There’s no benefit for taking on an equally crap contract for 2 extra years. We just muddied our cap for the years when we’re supposed to be contending (after 2-3 years when the books are essentially clear). Finding an enforcer on the free agent market is a lot cheaper than $3.6 mil. Anderson’s not gonna magically stop being physical just cause there’s other physical guys on the team. He’s a physical player and that’s a part of his game. This trade doesn’t clear any cap in the short run and gives us another long term contract we’re eventually gonna have to dump. No deal.
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