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Forum: Armchair-GM 3 oct 2020 à 16 h 25
Forum: Armchair-GM13 sep 2020 à 10 h 36
Forum: Armchair-GM13 sep 2020 à 10 h 02
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pinslack</b></div><div>It would really be the maximum amount I'd give to Edmundson. I would give him Scandella's money (3.25)

I get the idea to get a reliable 4th center cause MTL will have probably a youngster there in Evans or maybe Poehling. Paquette for a 5th is an idea pushed by <a href="/users/GMs" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@GMs</a> for a while (I would rather use a 5th for him than for 3 weeks of Edmundson's signing rights). Pretty sure Bergevin will get a 4th liner that can take faceoffs.

A Domi trade for a LW makes sense. If not he'll be our LW at around 6m.

Juulsen will get less. Fleury in AHL if Mete is resigned (around 1.7m IMO). I see MTL resign him (Juulsen 4th RD, Mete 4th LD), but I'd rather trade him for someone with same contract situation, same age &amp; same value (Greenway in MIN)</div></div>

Would be nice if Edmundson signed for less, but he holds all the cards so I doubt it, 3.75 feels right.

4th line center wise, I'm a huge supporter of bringing Thompson back. Wins faceoffs, kills penalties and the guys love him, plus he grows a glorious beard that'll look great when MTL makes the conference finals next season (:

I like Domi but the writing is on the wall...

Juulsen could get less although I wouldn't fret if he gets 1.25m, wouldn't hurt to have Fleury get a little more seasoning in the AHL but Mete for Greenway? I think Minny gawks at that, not that I don't think Mete has value, I just think Greenway has more.
Forum: Armchair-GM13 sep 2020 à 9 h 50
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HabsRealGM</b></div><div>Will not happen in my opinion. Laine and Mantha are ideal targets. Won't get them for Domi, Mete and 1st.
Could sign Hoffman or Dadonov but those will be expensive contracts for aging players and will seriously hurt our ability to sign, Danault, Gallagher, Petry and maybe Tatar, plus the RFAs (Kk, armia).

I like Domi for Anderson (CBJ) straight up or with some sort of compensation pick included. Domi has potential and will likely breakout on the right team but he won't be worth it for MTL to keep him. He also doesn't have as much value as we think right now. Also prefer to keep Mete and the 1st pick and wait for one of those RD defenceman to push Mete out. I think we have a shot next year to make a deep run in the playoffs with current roster. Drouin, KK, Suzuki all get better. Edmunson and Romanov solidify 3LD. Mete plays 3RD with 3 prospects pushing him. That's incredible depth. We need a second line RW who can replace domi production. A legit sniper would be nice but is far to expensive and will cost much more than domi Mete and a 1st. Anderson has size, speed and can score 20 to 30 goals. Great addition, conservative and is value for Domi IMO. I'm also not a big Domi fan. Too inconsistent. Always left wanting more.</div></div>

I'm not opposed to the idea of injecting Anderson into the lineup, he's not a sniper but in an ideal situation he's a bruiser who can put up 20 goals. My problem with Domi for Anderson is that I don't think the Jackets would be willing to fork over the kind of cash Domi would require especially if there still aren't fans in the stands come season opener.